I hope during the days when you feel low and uninspired, you will see this and be energized. You will read this blog and get clarity. I am a woman finding her path, embracing God, love for people, and the beauty of this world, and I hope you will find yours too. 

Grow! Make Money! Travel!


This blog will inspire you to TRAVEL, but not only that. It will inspire you to let go of a “small” life. It will pull you out of mediocrity and you will yearn for more… and you will become more. 

HI! I’M Sarah:)

Just a girl who love a beautiful life and wants to see the world.

I used to be a broke girl with big dreams. Now, I am the girl who went and got the life she wants! I enjoy inspiring people to make money, be responsible and productive, put God first, and live the life of their dreams. 

For me, that life is Traveling. One of my biggest dreams was to travel the world, and now I am doing it. Read my journey on my blog and be inspired to make your dreams come true. 



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Three African Countries  in 30 Days

When Solo traveling through countries, I don’t like to rush my adventures. I love taking my time getting to know each place I visit. So, I will be touring three African Countries; Benin republic, Togo, and Ghana, and I can’t wait to share it.

Check out my last trip where I visited four states in my country in 30 days.

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