My Services

Over 8+ years experience in content writing and a passion for well-written words and comprehensibility.

Writing & content creation SERVICE

Do you need a writer who values quality content over bland content? You are in the right place.

I write engaging and comprehensive content. I keep the reader glued to the page and ensure they come back for more.

Do you also need content that sells you or your business? Let me handle that for ya!

I write:

- Search Engine Optimized (SEO) content

- Schorlarship and study abroad writing e.g Statement of Purpose

- Content on Freelancing, blogging, writing, faith, self-development, travel, productivity, lifestyle, education, etc.

- Ebooks

- Articles

- Product Description

- Ghostwriting content and so on.

Blogging Services

Are you just starting a blog and you don’t know the first step to take or do you plan to start a blog?

Hire me:

For Blog content writing services

• For Blog coaching and guidance

• For Blog management and content publishing

WordPress/Blog Manager

Do you need an experienced Blog or WordPress manager for your website?

I have 7 years of WordPress management experience and I have managed several websites in those years. The work I have done on my blog and my website is a testament of my expertise. I have also managed and several others.

The services I render are:

- Webpage copy

- Blog publishing and design

- Website design

- Website management

- Website Search Engine Optimization

productivity coaching services

Do you find it hard to manage your time effectively? Do you feel stuck because you have too many goals and you haven’t achieved any? Do you constantly feel like you are living below your potentials and ambitions?

Do you lack productivity and work-life balance?

I can help you!

I coach:

- Individuals

- Businesses and organizations

Will you like to know more about my coaching and consulting services and see testimonials from past clients?



Thank you for writing a winning statement of purpose for me. You are really good at what you do, Sarah.



Sarah is a talented writer and I’m always glad to hire and rehire her services. I look forward to working with her again.

Philip Reed

B2B Saas Blog manager

“Sarah wrote one of the best youtube scripts I have received in a long time and I didn't have to do any revision!”

Sid Parker


Hi! I'm sarah olaleye

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