Hi! My name is Sarah Olaleye.

I am the creator of this blog. This blog started as a book blog, then a lifestyle blog (filled with diverse topics and stories), until May 2022 when I decided to niche down and write about a topic I am most passionate about (PRODUCTIVITY).


I have always been curious about productivity, achieving goals, todo lists, and planners since I discovered BuJo (bullet journals) on Instagram sometime in 2017-or so. 

Planner sellers couldn’t ship to my country at the time so I designed my own bullet journals and planners on my notebooks, until one day I decided I wanted to also be a planner designer and seller.

It’s been a rough ride but I’m doing it. I also tried so many productivity hacks and tips because I was a chronic procrastinator, an avid scheduler who never got anything done. Until one day I cracked the code and started getting things done and I realized over the years, I had learned so many things on productivity that could help someone else figure out their life earlier and easily than I did.

So, here I am on my blog, showing you the way. 

I blog about productivity on this blog (The Avid Inspire). I have a YouTube channel where I share everything beautiful, interesting and fun.

I am a writer of over 12 years, freelancing as a writer and digital content editor. You can check my writing services here

I founded The Avid Planner in 2017 and since then, I’ve been designing printable, digital, and physical planners for Avid Planner, and I also offer productivity coaching services to anyone who wants to live a balanced and more productive life.

 More gist about me:


 I am a self-published author of a novella, The Tombstone of Monsters and (my first book on planning)The Ultimate Planning Guide (It’s free)


I’m an Avid planner and reader. 


Apart from writing and coaching, I also help new bloggers get their footing in the blogging industry and also give WordPress and web design tips, as an experienced blogger of 5 years and counting…and the designer of this beautiful blog (winks).


I am a Philomath and when I am not developing my skills and learning something new, I am watching Kdrama (I speak Korean lang), reading, and drafting my next business idea. 


I am a friend of Jesus and a Bible teacher with a passion to help people understand the bible.


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