Unpopular Opinion #1 Organized / Disorganized

Are you an organized or disorganized person?


I am so sure you’re already saying ‘I’m organized’, even if your room is so scattered that there’s barely enough room for you to stand in.

So another question is, to be organized or to be disorganized, which one is better?

Obviously I know your answer.

But the thing is there’s no right answer. Both are okay.

I know you seem so confused and up for an argument right now. But that’s the point of an unpopular opinion.

My opinion is unpopular.

So let’s get to it.

OrganizedTo be neat and tidy. To arrange and put things in order.

DisorganizedLacking order or organization.
Obviously anyone would want to be neat and tidy, and leave their things in order.

But what if you’re not that type of person?

What if you don’t like to put your stuffs in order?

So this is a little bit tricky.

The aim of unpopular opinion is to get rid of people being easily judged or stop you from judging others easily because of what you think is right.

We are getting to a point in our world were people get to be themselves and were judgemental people are taking the back seat.

Who do you want to be?

The society at large believe being disorganized is a very bad thing, but have you thought about people who can’t help it?

Have you thought about people who are unintentionally disorganized or people who have tried to fit into the society’s idea of ‘organized’ by constantly forcing themselves to be what they are not (organized).

I have even heard of people who are more comfortable in a disorganized environment and when their room or table is in disarray, that is when they find their stuffs easily.

Have you thought about people who do not like to clutter their surroundings with things. They like to keep their surroundings free of dirt, excesses, and unused stuffs. They might be seen as neat freaks, but that is who they are and that is how they like their stuffs.

Personally, I am who you can call a disorganized organized person. I am either of those two, according to my mood.

While I was in school, living in the hostel, I lived with different classes of people.

People who don’t care about how disorganized I can get today and how organized I can get tomorrow and people who hate me when I’m going through my disorganized phase.

The thing is I have actually tried (because if you live among people, you have to try) to just be that organized person everybody wants. But there are times I just be like ‘damn everybody, I don’t care what you think, I just want everywhere to be as scattered as possible’.

And then I could wake up one midnight and start to clean the whole place, arrange my clothes and shelves.

I am laughing so loud.

I remember a couple of times my roommates have woken up to me working through the night and wondering ‘why is she like this’, the sad news is, it doesn’t last. The next minute, I’m back in my disorganized mood.


Fine, you’re disorganized. But does that make you a bad or weird person?

Of course not.

And you don’t have to feel so bad and constantly condemn yourself for being the odd one out.

All you need to do is change.

No one will make you change. You have to make deliberate efforts.

If you don’t do it. You will constantly hate being disorganized but you will continue to be disorganized.

I constantly got angry at myself for being so disorganized and I wondered why I just couldn’t be as neat and orderly like every other people.

Well, I realised every one else did something about it. They didn’t just lie around and ask why?

They made a change. They took an action or two.

Let me give a few tip to those who are tired of being disorganized and want to make a change;

  • Replace things back where you picked them from, immediately you finish using them.
  • Lay your bed as soon as you get up from it.
  • Wash your clothes and underwear while you’re having your bath, every day.
  • Try to get your body used to a routine of sweeping, cleaning and personal hygiene by doing it every day and at a particular period of time.

Also, I think I’m going to need these tips too. My room is a mess right now. I’m going through the ‘disorganized’ phase and I don’t know how long it will last.


About Unpopular Opinion

So I have come to realise that I have a nonjudgmental personality. I am this person that do not think people are good or bad. I think people are just being themselves. And if what they have done is bad, you can actually correct them in love rather than make them feel bad about themselves altogether.

Most times, people are not bad, they just do bad things and helping them understand this will prevent them from doing worse things.

I don’t know how I started to realise my nonjudgmental and non-condemning nature but I love seeing the good in everyone and I believe for every action done by you or me, we both have valid reasons for doing them and sometimes we want to be heard rather than judged.

So, unpopular opinion will be a safe space where you can learn, grow, laugh (at my personal stories, sometimes), love who you are, and also become a better person in the process.

If you have some unpopular opinions you’d like me to write about, comment below or you can email me at aipeditorialservices@gmail.com, with the subject UNPOPULAR OPINION.

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