4 Reasons Content Writers should know SEO in 2022

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In this article, I will be sharing 4 reasons content writers should know SEO in 2022.

Firstly, you must understand that search engine optimization works with valuable and quality content and one of the qualities that determines great content is the ability to write value-adding and easy-to-read content.

Note, the difference between a ‘great’ writer’s content and an ‘ordinary’ writer’s content, is the ability to inform, educate, transform, or entertain the reader while also communicating the writer’s intention seamlessly and propelling the reader to take desired actions (if any) like buying your product, hiring your service, signing up for your course, or subscribing to your email list. 

So how does SEO come in?

SEO concept

If you are a content or blog writer who is searching for jobs in 2022, then you already know that SEO writers are in high demand, but that is not the only reason you should know SEO. 

Follow me through this article as I explain several reasons why you should know search engine optimization in 2022.

But before then, let’s define SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) definition

What is SEO?

SEO is called Search Engine Optimization. It is the process of making your content easy to find in search engines. The first result you see in a SERP (Search Engine Result Page) is as a result of search engine optimization. The author of that content optimized the content on their website for you to be able to see it at the top of the search engine result page.

What is SEO writing?

SEO writing is also content writing, but this time with an aim. The aim is to get people to see the content you have written when they search for some particular words or phrases in Search Engines (Google or Bing).

This makes SEO writing more technical because you need to input keywords, keyphrases, and search terms within your content.

Key Terms in SEO

Key Terms in SEO you should know

  • Meta Description 

A short description of your page or a summary of your content which shows on the SERP, which, if effectively written, can make a searcher click to read more on your page. It is usually 150 characters.

  • Keyword/Keyphrase/Long-tail keywords

Keywords or keyphrases are the terms or questions searchers type into the search engine. They can be either long or short. Long-tail keywords are about 3-7 words long and specific keywords or keyphrases.


Short-tail – SEO writing; Long-tail – Why bloggers should learn SEO writing.

  • SERPs

SERP means Search Engine Result Page. It is the page that shows up with answers and results when searchers ask a question or search for a word in search engines.

  • Alt Text/Tag

This is found under images in a website. For a website to rank, a bot crawls around google or around the website and finds relevant keywords and phrases. This bot cannot read images. This is why Alt texts/tags are written under the images with the right keywords in order for the bot to pick it up. Alt texts are words used to explain what the image is about.

  • Anchor Text

When a website quotes another site in its content and adds the link of that website to the content. The word or phrase becomes hyperlinked and the color changes to blue or is underlined. This directs traffic to the other site when clicked.

Why should a content writer know SEO?

Why Should a Content Writer Know SEO?

To Upgrade your skill

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It’s 2022 and as the years go by, businesses and clients are more particular about what they want. 

“Today businesses are making the shift towards digital marketing methods to expand their reach, remain relevant and drive new sales. Yet not all businesses have successfully transitioned to establishing themselves as industry leaders. And the difference has been the mastery of SEO.” Survey Crest informs in an article.

This shows that in 2022, businesses that have not established themselves as industry leaders will seek digital marketers or SEO writers who will put their business in the limelight, expand their reach, and drive new sales by optimizing their content, products, and webpages.

   This calls for self-development on the part of content writers. If you’re looking to work with better clients and businesses who are looking to increase their relevance or you’re looking to upgrade your skill or niche down in 2022, you should consider taking on SEO writing.

 It is a technical process of writing, but it is an icing on the cake if you’re already an amazing writer. Optimizing your content will enable you to present yourself as a better writer and also niche down not just as a content writer but also an SEO writer.

To Optimize your Blog, Webpage, or Site

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This is especially for content writers who are also bloggers. Imagine writing a valuable and quality content and publishing it without one person checking it out. 

The point of writing on your blog is to share what you know with your readers, audience, or followers; if you wanted to write for yourself, you could as well, journal.

SEO writing optimizes your content and helps your intended audience find your content. 

It is also important when building your content writing brand or if you’re trying to sell your writing services. If you optimize your page, potential clients can easily find your page and decide if they want to work with you.

To Know the Best Content to Write 

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To be current with the trend and write timely and timeless content readers are looking to know about, SEO writing is a great way to stay up to date with the best content readers are yearning for.

A great SEO writer optimizes their content with the keywords and keyphrases used in search engines. These keywords can be found with SEO keyword search tools, the ‘People also ask,’ ‘People also search for,’ or the ‘Related searches’ section of Google’s SERP.

To Earn More

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To attain financial freedom as a writer, niching down is essential. It enables you to find clients that are looking for authorities in your niche and not just a ‘general’ writer.

These niche-searching clients pay more to writers who are authorities in a particular niche.

While the topic of niching down is a touchy subject, because there are writers without a niche who are doing great and earning well, niching down is still a great way to earn more and be considered an authority in your niche. It is both great for your finances and your brand.


SEO seems to be the new cool in this digital age and well, it isn’t going anywhere. Just like when the internet came and stayed, search engine optimization has also come to stay; as long as the internet is still in use.

 So, in years to come, we will have more content, blogs, and websites out there. There will be more competition for the first place in the SERP, and this is why we need to know SEO. This way, we won’t have to struggle to get in the front line.

I hope you found this article useful and you make the right choice for your content writing business today.

Would you like to know more about SEO? Tell me in the comments section what you would like to know.


  1. Olaosegba Isaac says:

    This is a Timely Content.

    Seo writing gives you an edge over other writers.

    Thank you for giving such value.

    1. I’m glad you found it useful. Thank you for the constant comment??

  2. Sammy Fiato says:

    Regarding Search Engine Optimization What’s the best method of SEO in 2022?

    1. Hello Sammy, they are a lot but I will advise you focus on targeting more long tail keywords and also updating your previous blog posts. You should also use your keywords in the alt texts.

      I hope this was helpful.

      You can also read this brilliant post by Neil Patel on SEO techniques in 2022.


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