Unproductive Habits You Need To Quit Right Now | Part 2

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In my previous blog post, I wrote the first part of the unproductive habits you need to quit right now and this post will be the second part.

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This post will contain 10 unproductive habits you should quit right now. And they are:

Drinking Carbonated Drinks

Carbonated drinks can have a bad effect on your health in the long term. It might seem enjoyable and chilled now but it is harmful to your health because of the excess sugar and gas inside it.

Rather than taking carbonated drinks, you can try substituting it with tea, fresh juice, or water.

Choosing Ignorance

Some people hate learning. As much as that sounds absurd, it’s the truth.

They shy away from an opportunity to learn and they prefer not to have adequate knowledge about a thing than to do and be better at it.

If you hate learning, you will never grow. You will not grow in your career, your character, your mindset, your principles, and your philosophies.

People who stand out and do better in their chosen field are people that have given themselves to adequate learning over time.

What to do

  • Read up information online or in books or newspapers.
  • Sign up for newsletters on topics of your interest.
  • Before you start a business, read up or watch videos from other people who are already in the business.
  • Understand that there are people who are more knowledgeable than you and always be open to learning.

Not setting goals or making plans

If you are the type of person that believes they can achieve their goal without writing it down or making daily plans and todos, then you might be setting yourself up for failure.

Planning is the best way to make things happen. If you have a goal you want to achieve, plan and get it done. 

If you don’t write it down, you will eventually ignore it or forget about it.

What to do

  • Set Goals. You can get this guidebook to setting simple goals and planning here.
  • Get a planning or productivity coach that can put you through if you are having trouble setting goals and getting your plans done. See more here
  • Don’t only set Goals, get them done.

Setting many goals

Setting many goals is another habit that should be stopped.

If you set too many goals, you will eventually not get anyone done.

So, instead of setting too many goals, go for 3-4 goals and crush them.

You can learn more here

Ignoring your health because of work

If you’re the type that loves working or you prefer to please your boss than notice your heavy eyes and tired shoulders, you are hurting yourself gradually.

Think of it like this: You are desperate to get work done and you didn’t eat breakfast or you eventually ate in the evening without leaving the same position for almost 9 hours…

If you keep doing this, your body will eventually get tired and the painful thing is you might become so ill you won’t be able to get any work done.

This is even worse than when you take a break, take care of yourself, and ignore work for some hours.

If you don’t want your body to break down when you least expect it, take care of your body.

Have a time schedule for work and every other thing.

 Don’t spend your whole life working.

It is not a commendable habit.

If you work from home, here is a post you should read.

Skipping breakfast

If you have read one of my personal monthly reviews, you will know there was a time I was having trouble eating breakfast because of my work schedule.

Well, I had to work on that and you should too.

You need breakfast for energy, right brain positioning so you can think well through the day, and for your creative juice to flow well, etc.

If you find yourself always skipping breakfast, you need to do something about it.

What to do:

  • Set a timer to remind you to eat breakfast
  • Cook the night before so you won’t have to worry about cooking and working in the morning
  • Cook as early as you wake up or warm the previous night’s meal, when the sweet smell of the food passes through your nose, your stomach will rumble and you will realize you were hungry all along.

Social media surfing

Social media is a great tool for entertainment, social networking and a lot of goodies… 

But, social media can become a tool of unproductivity when you surf through it mindlessly or for no reason.

Like every productive person, you must do everything with intentionality because if you do not plan or if you’re not intentional about the things you do, you will end up wasting half of your day doing nothing.

Approach social media surfing with intentionality.

So, you’re on instagram, yh! What are you doing on it?

Are you checking out some news or gist? Are you looking for a business directory? Are you advertising your product or service? Are you there to watch comedy?

Whatever it might be, it doesn’t have to be all serious and business-y, just ensure you are there for a purpose and you spend the right time on it.

Sabotaging yourself

A subtle habit a lot of people engage in is sabotaging themselves.

Is this you?

Do you find yourself too shy to tell someone about your business?

Are you scared to tell people what you do or are you scared to take that risk and apply for that dream job because you think they won’t want you?

There are so many ways we sabotage ourselves without knowing.

When you refuse to apply for that job because you think you’re not qualified enough. When you allow people to talk down on you and you allow their condescending words to affect your self esteem. When you let people underestimate your hardwork and the things you do.

You are sabotaging yourself.

What to do

  • Apply for that job even if your skills are not up to what they want. Even if you don’t get it, it will boost your self-esteem, and if you do get it, then it’s a win-win.
  • Talk about what you do even when no one seems to care. Be consistent in showing up for your skills, products, and services. Someone will surely notice soon and people will start patronizing you.

Eating junks

So many of us find it cool and sweet eating junk food, but in the long run, it is detrimental to your health, your body, and your way of life.

Junk eating is only as good as its sweet taste, the after effect is dangerous to the health and the body.

Instead of eating junk food, eat good and healthy food.

You will even save more when you eat less junk.

Waking up late

This is something I’m still working on. Because I am a freelancer and I work from home, it is very easy for me to wake up whenever I want but it is unproductive.

Waking up early means you get to work while it is day.

While there are people who do better when they work at night, it is always great to wake up early to do other things around the house.

It will also help you to be productive for the rest of the day.

Over the years, you have been told about the dangers of some of these habits, and reading it again seems like listening to a broken record but that is how we humans are. We always ignore instructions and advice we are constantly told. I hope you won’t ignore these too and you will get to work on yourself.

Today is the day to start living productively!!

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