Why God fearing ladies will never say Yes to just any guy

There is something in particular I have noticed, at first I thought these guys knew, but little did I know they were actually oblivious to the reason most God fearing ladies don’t give a second glance to them.

Let me start with this story I read some time ago.

So this God fearing lady sees a guy in a bus, and her first instinct was, this guy is really handsome (Tall, dark and handsome gang). Then as he made to sit beside her in the bus, the holyspirit spoke to her that he was a ‘destroyer’, all of her feelings and attraction went away immediately, and then he started a conversation with her, and you know earlier she was really attracted and wanted to know him, but after what she heard, she suddenly lost interest in all that he was saying.
Then during the conversation, he kept commenting on how beautiful she looked, he kept complementing her body. She felt quiet uneasy. But she didn’t make him feel like he couldn’t talk to her. One thing led to another and she asked about his spiritual status and he said he was a bible teacher or so in his church.
So they got down from the bus and he kept following her, asking for her phone number, she kept walking and again ‘he complemented her body’ (she was literally covered from head to toe) and she wondered how the guy could see her figure from inside her clothes.
He kept pestering her and she said she couldn’t give him her number, so when he realized she wouldn’t give in, he gave her an irritating and condescending look, which the lady termed to be ‘the look of defeat and anger satan gives when he’s unable to catch his victim.

‘The Author of this story I read on a group chat said the story was fictional’ But I tell you the reality of this story is glaring.

Why A God-fearing lady will not say yes to you?

A true Child of God, whether a lady or a guy hears God, and God has given them a purpose to fulfill on earth, an agenda for his kingdom, a character to portray to the outside world. And the most important is ‘God will never give His Child to a ‘Non-Child’ or an unbeliever.

  1. She seeks a man of vision and purpose: A Lady who loves God, which can also be termed as being ‘spiritual’ or ‘Heaven focused’ has a purpose to fulfill like every other Children of God, they know that as a child of God, they have an agenda on earth, they know that they are not just in this world to pass time, have fun, marry and make babies, be career women, they know that all of this things previously listed are things they should do as time pass, but not what they have come to the world to do.

A God-fearing lady knows that we all have been solely called in our own little or big way to be ambassadors of Christ on earth and to participate one way or the other in lifting God’s kingdom on earth.

(We won’t go into definitions of purpose or how to discover it, because we believe a God-fearing man and woman already knows that).

So you see, women who already knows their purpose and has been giving a vision to work with, and will spiritually be attracted to a man who knows his vision and purpose and whose purpose matches her own. A man whom they can work together to fulfill God’s will together.

Note that I said (Will spiritually be attracted) that means, physically she might not be attracted, but spiritually they are connected.
How? You may ask? Well, check the next point.

2. God-fearing people don’t fall in love at first sight: You see a lot of half-baked Christians don’t know this, they don’t know that for we Christians, we can’t rely on ‘love’, it is just a feeling, and just like every feeling it will fade away as time goes by.

So I was talking about being spiritually attracted to a person. I want you to know that everybody, Christian or not, are attracted to someone or can be attracted to someone, it is not a sin (LOL) it is your reaction to your attraction that determines if you have sinned or not.

There are times we get attracted to someone and then the Holy spirit tells us we can’t be with them because this people are either pretending to be Christians or their purpose can’t work with ours, which will lead to a problem in future.

Remember, the bible says:

Can two walk together, unless they are agreed? Amos 3:3

That means a Christian guy and lady can come together and the relationship will still not work because their purposes are not supporting each other, because their visions are at loggerheads or they are facing two opposite sides.

So at that moment, the lady cannot/ should not fall in love (get emotionally invested) until she confirms with her ‘first and everlasting lover’ (Jesus, incase you’re confused) if He is willing to give her out to this man.

She has to confirm from God (Note: I did not say from man, or pastor or spiritual parents. Ask God first, don’t make God an option. When he gives you an answer then you can go to your spiritual heads for optional or extra confirmation). So if God tells her to go ahead with this man, she can then start falling in love along the way (Sounds hard yeah?)

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, and cometh down from the father of lights, with whom is no variableness, neither shadow of turning
James 1:17

So, God is able to teach you to love Him/ make you love him, and (remember intimacy brings attraction).

Guys, a God-fearing lady doesn’t want to know how much you love her, she wants to know how much you love God. A man who loves God, will love his wife as Christ loves the church

(Ephesians 5:25: Husbands, love your wives, even as Christ also loved the church, and gave himself for it)

Guys, a God fearing lady doesn’t want to know how much you have or own (that comes secondary) she wants to know how much of your destiny, purpose, vision, you know.

Guys, a God-fearing lady doesn’t want to know how handsome you look, she wants to know how beautiful you will treat her ideas, visions and purpose when she talks to you about them.

3. God fearing ladies don’t want pretenders: They will even know when you’re pretending, especially when you notice that she is God fearing and you now want to pretend as if you are also a Christian (one day you will slip, no matter how good you are at acting) God will tell her, if she is too blindfolded in her feelings with you to hear God, God will send people to her, he will move mountains, heaven and earth to get her to see that you are false (He loves his children so too much).

There are some brothers in church, fellowships or that we have as friends, which some sisters know that they can never ever go into a relationship with them or even marry them.

Some God fearing ladies have close male friends that they might have thought of going into a relationship with one time or the other and these guys are Christians, who love God, but they notice that there are some spiritual depths they talk about that these guys are not interested in (we humans always fail to fake interest in what we are not interested in).

They might try several times, but when these ladies are talking about a part of the kingdom that interests them, you are talking about another part that has nothing to do with what she just said. What you are passionate about is not what they are passionate about.

So, guys it’s not just about you being a Christian now, it is about you agreeing together in purpose. Couples who don’t agree in purpose are not different to unbelieving couples, in the sense that, there will always be quarrels or disagreement, which can lead to other things that might cost the relationship or marriage.

These are some of the major reasons why you keep getting a firm No from these God-fearing sisters.

A God-fearing lady cannot, should not, must not, be with you, if you are not a God fearing man.

And you cannot accept Christ because you want to be with her; she can influence you to accept Christ, but cannot be the reason.

You have to love God, know God, want God for yourself, then God will direct you to the person that best suits you and will fulfill his purpose for you.

(And ladies, you can’t change a guy, only God can. This idea of ‘I will change him’ have led many God fearing ladies into letting go of God, it has led to many regrets in marriage. Don’t make that mistake)

You have to be a man of vision, a man without vision cannot be the husband of a woman with vision, you are shortchanging her. So if as a man you don’t know your purpose, please, kindly find it first before you find a woman.

And if you are not even grown enough as a Christian to hear God (YOUR FATHER) or you are not even interested, then you need to go and settle with God first before you settle with a woman.

And if she has refused you because you are not God-fearing, leave her first and go and find that God that is so important to her that she didn’t notice how handsome you are, how rich you are or how intelligent you speak.

And if you are highly spiritual, with a vision and purpose and she still rejects you, you need to go back to God and ask why, and then he will tell you what to do. Sometimes he can tell you to wait, she is probably not yet convinced.

Go To God.

IT WILL REALLY MEAN A LOT TO ME IF YOU COMMENT, I want to know what you also think about why some God-fearing ladies don’t say yes to just any guy, and also some of your experiences. Thank you?


  1. Sweetlove says:

    Sarah m so glad u wrote an article like this, it us very inspiring n my fav is the last point, God will eventually expose pretenders. A God fearing Lady will never say yes to the wrong man because she is too busy doing Gods work n his thought towards us is good so our God will never give her the wrong man.

    1. Thanks love?

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