The Secret to a Consistent Prayer Life

Praying! Why I pray!! Why should you pray?!!

I always wondered why I couldn’t pray consistently.

I searched for every reason why today I will be feeling my prayer life and the next day, I’m so down and I just don’t want to pray.

So one day I decided to take out time to listen to messages on prayer by a very trusted man of God, Pastor Olusegun Onayinka.

And I learned so many things on prayer, that has changed my prayer life. Since then I have resolved to pray today, tomorrow, the next day and every day for the rest of my life.

I came to realize that the secret to praying consistently is understanding why you should pray. If you don’t know why you should pray or why you should keep praying (even when you’re not receiving answers), you will not be consistent in prayer.

And then I thought why will I know these things and not share to better someone else’s prayer life?

So I will share.

Why should I pray daily and consistently?

I pray daily because;

God will not do anything on earth if I don’t pray:

Did you know before now that God does not override the will of man? Now you know.

God doesn’t make choices for man, he allows man to take his own decisions, that is why a man should never blame God for how his life turns out.

The aftermath of a man’s life is as a result of the consequences of the choices he makes.

But a man who prays is a man who says God I want you to take over the affairs of my life today, I want you to be a part of my daily activities. When we pray, God turns things around for our good. If we pray in a day, our day is a lot better. And God’s will is done in our lives that day.

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Most times when God wants to make a change in a place, he sees a man that prays, gives him instructions, when the man carries out his instructions, the will of God is done.

When I wanted to start a bible study group on Whatsapp, I felt a burden in my heart, so strong and then because I’d learn earlier that whenever you feel a burden to do something, before you take any step. Pray!!

So I prayed till the burden on my heart was relieved and after praying, I started getting instructions, I started writing them down, I prayed about the instructions again. And then I carried them out. That was how the bible study group was created.
God’s will has been done!!!!

There are many other ways God puts things in our heart, sometimes we even get these burdens while praying. There was a time I wanted to anchor a prayer meeting program in the fellowship I attend, but I wasn’t feeling it, I don’t know if you understand what I mean, but I just didn’t have any burden for the program.

So I told a friend about it, and he said it was because I hadn’t prayed enough. So I prayed and before I knew it I got instructions on what God wanted to do in the lives of the people who would attend.

When we pray, we know God’s heart concerning a situation or concerning our lives and then we carry out his instructions and his will is done!!!

Like, Evang. Lawrence Oyor will say ‘Prayer is the move of God. When God wants to move on the earth, he seeks a man that prays’

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How to Pray in Tongues for Long Hours

Prayer changes YOU.

When Jesus was on earth as a man, there was something he did so much and the bible recorded about so much, and it is that,

He Prayed!

Jesus prayed so much, the bible recorded: He set himself apart to pray.

Jesus also said in Luke 18:1 ‘that men ought always to pray, and not to faint’.

We will wonder how Jesus that was 100% God and 100% man still prayed.

And that is because when you pray to God, the prayer changes you.

Jesus prayed to God about ‘the cup passing over him’ Remember?

But after that, he told God that ‘His will be done’
Because he prayed.

When you pray, something about your desires will change, prayer resets your priority.

Prayer prevents poor performance

Prayer defeats the flesh. It weakens the appetite of the flesh.

It’s not about what you are praying for, its why you are praying. What prayer does to us is far more than earthly benefits.

Prayer strengthens you.

There are times when prayer doesn’t prevent temptation or stop bad things from happening.

But, helps you to come out of it Victorious and Strengthened.

When you’re ministering to the Lord in prayer, His needs are your need. You carry God’s burdens, what affects him, affects you. Your life changes. You get concerned about God’s people. Your focus changes from what you set out to pray about. Your heart is now aligning.
-Pastor Segun Onayinka

Praying every day has been life-changing for me, I now know why I should pray.

No matter how tight my schedule is, I squeeze out time to be with God in prayer.

Because I know,

When I Am Praying, God is Doing Something in the earth.

I know, When I Am Praying, My life is changing. My Priority is centered on Jesus.

When I Am Praying, GOD’S WILL IS DONE!!

You can comment down below on how you have maintained a consistent prayer life. And How much you have learned from this.


  1. Etusi Oriaifo says:

    This post has a very timely message. This is one thing I have also struggled with and I am convinced beyond reasonable doubts as to why I need to pray as often as the urge to pray comes. God bless you for sharing.

    1. Thank you so much ma’am. I’m glad you are blessed.

    2. FABIYI SUNDAY says:

      This is a key. Thank you for sharing

      1. Thank you for reading sir

  2. Moyosore Abiola says:

    Prayer works!

    When prayer becomes a habit. We will not be told when and how we should pray

    1. Very true sir. We won’t stop praying!!

  3. King Wonders says:

    It is a wonderful, timely and glory revealing write up, I have been blessed reading this and can’t wait to share☺☺☺??… Prayer reshapes us into what God wants us to be, it establishes the glory and power of God on earth, it changes situations and energizes us to take everyday with boldness and joy.

    Thank you Sarah… You are greatly loved.

    1. You are very right ma’am. Thank you for your kind words. I’m so glad you learnt.

  4. Motolani says:

    Thank you very much for sharing darling… Very insightful and inspiring????
    When you don’t feel like praying that is when you should pray..

    1. Very true sis. Thank you for that. I’ll also take note. You are Graced.

  5. Ella_nwoka says:

    This write up is inspiring because I was struggling on keeping up with the daily prayers. My prayer life off and on. But with this, I can see why it is important and essential to pray. Thank you ?

    1. I’m so glad dear. I can’t wait for you to see changes in your prayer life

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