How to Write Long-Form Contents your Readers will not Get Tired of Reading

Dear writers, freelancers and content creators,

I know you have so much to write to your readers, but you might never get everyone who click your link to finish reading your work if you don’t do this:

First, What are Long-Form Contents?

They are contents or articles that are longer than 1000 words (most times) . Some people also consider contents longer than 700 words to be long form.

Long form contents can be pretty attention demanding for readers.

But they are packed with so many information that you might not be able to deliver if you wrote shorter form contents.

As much as there are people who are too lazy to read longer contents, there are more people who want information on the contents you write about.

They want in depth information on the topic they are researching on. And they might never trust your contents enough if you can’t provide them with in-depth information.

That doesn’t change the fact that most people have really low attention span and they might not continue reading your content if you don’t use subtle persuasive techniques.

One major way to get readers to keep reading your content is through Line Spacing.

Line Spacing is the space between each line in a paragraph.

How well you space your paragraphs from each other will determine if your readers want to keep going.

Using single spacing like I did in this article is a very great technique; your work is not jumbled up and your readers feel like the article will soon end, even if there are still more words to go.

It is like a trick to their brain that what they’re reading is not as long as it seems.

Using double spacing is also great. Most copy writers use it.

But double spacing can get frustrating if it is not used sparingly.

I read an article written with double spacing and as much as it was easier to read, I got tired along the way.

There was a way my mind felt like I was almost done, because I couldn’t see the next sentence.

When I scroll down and see that there is more, I get tired of reading. It’s like a stress on my brain.

Use single spacing for long-form contents if you want your readers to read faster without getting tired.

Use double spacing for short-form contents so you won’t wear your readers brain out.

Note: Using single spacing does not guarantee that the readers will stay reading. Writing useful, in depth and informative content is what will.

This is not to say you can’t use single spacing for short-form contents too.

Yes you can.

I hope you found this useful.

You can also share any other technique you know about and let me know if you have used the single line spacing technique.


  1. Isaac says:

    Resourceful and insightful.

    Thanks for sharing Sara

    I learnt a great deal.

    1. You’re welcome. Thanks for the overwhelming support

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