All You Need to Know About Content Writing + How to Become a Content Writer | Part 1

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In today’s world, creating content is fast becoming vital for businesses, the entertainment industry, and careers.

There’s no place you will look today on the internet that you won’t find content.

And the most important aspect of content creation which is also the most common is Content Writing.

You can see written content everywhere. On websites, the social media, and even the email newsletter you signed up for recently.

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Content writing

Which is what we will be looking at extensively in this article.

We will be looking at what content writing is, the types of content writing, the process of content writing, how to be a content writer, and skills every content writer should possess.

So, first let’s see what content writing is; 

What is Content Writing?

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What is Content Writing

   Content writing is basically any form of digital (internet) writing. It is the art of presenting your words, explanations, and understanding of a particular subject or topic to your audience in the form of writing.

Content writing helps businesses, writers, bloggers, and other people who write to pass information, generate leads, attract potential customers, and connect with their audience.

This ultimately leads to visibility, engagements with your audience, or sales of products and services.

Content writing is more than writing. It is writing for a purpose. It is the biggest aspect of content marketing.

Now, let’s see the different types of content writing we have below:

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Types of content writing

Types of Content Writing

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Web content

Web Content: This is any content written for websites. It is mostly blogs and web page copies. 

And for it to thrive, SEO knowledge is needed.

But also, a well written content with adequate knowledge of the reader’s pain point and viable solutions to solve their problems or provide necessary information should be prioritized.

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Emails: Email writing is usually used for email marketing. Wikipedia puts it as the act of sending a commercial message, typically to a group of people, using email. Email writing can come in the form of email newsletter, landing pages etc.

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Social media

Social Media: The social media posts you see with captions beneath them are forms of content writing. 

The YouTube video descriptions, Instagram, facebook, and twitter captions and posts, are all forms of writing content.

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Copywriting: Copywriting is usually misconstrued as content writing. But it is not the same as content writing, it is a type of content writing. 

Because content writing consists of various forms of writing while copy writing is an important element of online marketing. 

It is spinning words creatively to get your targeted audience to carry out an action.

Copyblogger says copywriters are the highest paid writers in the world.

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Scripts: Writing scripts can come in various forms. 

It can be writing video scripts, which is writing the dialogues, actions and rundown of what you want in your video.

It could also be a podcast script, which is a script on what the podcast speaker will say, or a transcript, which is listening to a recorded podcast and turning it into writing.

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Long form content

Long form: Long form content are content that extensively explains a particular topic or subject. Like Ebooks, White Paper, and How To’s.

This content helps the reader or audience adequately understand what a product or service is about.

Long form content are one of the tools businesses use to help their buyers or other businesses understand what they sell and what they have to offer.

So, what does it take to write content or what are some of the main processes to writing content? Who is a content writer? How can you become a content writer? And what are the vital skills every content writer should possess?

All these will be discussed in the next blog post.

Watch out for the second part of this post.

Also, ensure to leave a comment if you learnt something new.

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