8 Best and recommended Freelance Jobs Websites (to Get Freelance Work) in 2022 

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(The personal review of freelance sites I have used)

There are several Freelance job websites on the internet these days that it can get overwhelming to know which one actually works and the one that doesn’t.

As a Freelancer constantly looking for jobs and searching for new opportunities, I have used some of the freelance websites online today and I will be sharing the freelance websites that actually provide jobs for freelancers.

This will be my personal review of the freelance websites and a recommendation of the ones you should use so as to save you the time of constantly searching for freelance jobs without progress.

Whether you’re a writer, editor, designer, translator, virtual assistant, etc. 

Try out these job sites when searching for the best freelance job sites in Nigeria, United States, or in any part of the world.

Also, if you’re just starting your freelance business, you can easily get jobs from some of these sites with little to no experience or portfolio.



This is a site I just discovered. You can get virtually any job on it. It is not only for writers but also other freelancers. 

All you have to do is sign up, fill your information and create a project of your specialty. If you’re lucky, clients will find you.

You can also apply for the job vacancies on the site.

I’ve never gotten any job on it, but you might be lucky.

So try it out.

They also accept only international payments. For Nigerian freelancers, you might have to try another freelance site.

N.B – You don’t need to pay to use Contra


Upwork Freelance job site

This was the site that launched my freelance career.

I’ve gotten quite a number of gigs through Upwork. It is responsive and reliable.

Although, for a Nigerian freelancer, you might be charged some dollars if you want to withdraw (apart from the commission Upwork charges every freelancer when they get paid) but if you can find other ways to withdraw, you will get paid more.

Upwork also has a freelancer protection program where the client pays into the system before you start work (immediately you accept to work with them).

When you finish working, the client releases the money and you get your cash. In a case where the client is not around, Upwork releases the money between one – two weeks. 

Getting jobs on Upwork is sometimes a hassle because there are so many people on the platform, so you have to send in as many proposals as you can (early) to get one or two clients. 

I got one of my gigs one time after sending in almost 20 proposals.

So the more proposals you send, the more likely you are to get a gig.

You can also create projects that allow clients to reach out to you. This is usually not reliable because you don’t know for sure when a client will reach out but it is worth a try.

N.B – Upwork is free but there is a premium access that requires payment. Also, to send proposals you need something called connects. You might need to buy connects if you exhaust the one you have.

You can also get free connects when you reply early to a potential client or invite or when you take the upwork test and so on.



Fiverr, unlike upwork, works mostly with projects.

You have to create projects of the services you will like to render and then clients will reach out to you.

But you can also go to the buyers request section where you can get several job requests that you can send proposals to if the pay and request is okay with you.

N.B It is free to join fiverr 



 I started using Problogger recently. 

It’s a job board with several job vacancies that you can send pitches to.

All you need to do is choose which job you will like to do, then it will redirect you to the client’s website.

Unlike Upwork, Fiverr, and Contra that will keep you in the app or site, communication is primarily between you and the client.

So, this means you also have to sort out payment, client issues, and potential scams all by yourself.

N.B – The job board is free but if you want to get premium access to Problogger then you will have to pay.



 Indeed is another great job site. It was introduced to me by a fellow freelancer that got a job through Indeed.

But I haven’t gotten as much success with getting jobs. 

I am putting it here because it might work for you.

A couple of companies also reached out to me from Indeed. I applied for the job but I didn’t get anything after that.

So, it’s a bit tricky but it might work for you.

There were also times some jobs were flagged down as scams. So, you have to be careful when dealing on Indeed.

Though, I believe the management tries to prevent freelancers from being scammed.

N.B – Requires no fee.

Linkedin Jobs 

Linkedin Jobs

This is a trusted and tested freelance job site.

I have gotten several jobs from LinkedIn Jobs.

Apart from clients reaching out after seeing your posts on LinkedIn, another way to get the job is by going to the job segment on LinkedIn.

You will find several jobs you can apply for. The application process is also usually simple except the client wants you to email them afterwards. 

All you need to do is fill out 3-5 questions and you have applied.

Linkedin will also inform you when the client checks your application. 

So, it’s a great platform to find jobs.

N.B – You don’t need to pay any fee.

Peak Freelance jobs 

Peak Freelance

This is a job board for Peak Freelance; a community for freelancers.

You can get jobs from the listed vacancies in their job board. 

Also, you can get referrals, job opportunities, and a community network when you become a member of Peak Freelance for £39/$49 a month.


Freelancing Females

FreelancingFemales is also a community like Peak Freelance. You can access their community via Facebook.

They also have a job board where you can get job opportunities and apply for jobs you like.

N.B You can join the community on Facebook and access the job board for free. 

However, its target audience is female freelancers.

These are the freelance job sites I have used over the years. However, this is my personal recommendation, so feel free to check out other job boards.

Other job boards I will also recommend are Freelancer, Guru, Flex Jobs, Freelance Writing Jobs.

Watch out for my compilation of several other freelance job sites soon. You can also check out my article on How to earn more money as a freelancer and my Resource page, where I have resources, sites, and tools for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and content creators.

I hope you find your dream jobs through these ones.

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