How to Earn More Money as a Freelancer

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Freelancing is one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into in today’s world. 

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Several people go into freelancing and still don’t get paid as much as they want or sometimes you see other people talking about how they made $10,000 in a month and you’re wondering if that is really possible.

Yet, according to the 2021 statistics published by Spendmenot, US freelancers earned almost $1.2 trillion in 2020, which has increased over the years as more people venture into freelancing.

So is it possible to earn more money than you currently earn as a freelancer?

My answer is Yes. You can earn as much money as you want as a freelancer and you don’t have to work everyday or work till you burn out to make that amount of money.

Freelancing is one of the most lucrative businesses to venture into in today’s world. 

What should you do to earn more money as a freelancer?

–  Talk about what you do often

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Earn more by talking about what you do

How much do you tell people about what you do?

Can the people close to you boldly say they know or understand what you do for a living?

Do they mention or talk about what you do to others?

For me, I talk a lot about what I do as a freelance writer, and I notice different people on my whatsapp send me writing job openings at least twice in a month.

And sometimes, they tell other people to check my blog, visit my website, and patronize me when they have something to write.

This is how you get more jobs that will earn you more money as a freelancer. 

There might be some people around you who are still trying to understand what being a freelancer is all about.

And from what I’ve heard, some believe freelancing is staying at home and doing any job that comes your way because you can’t get a stable job, while others believe freelancing is working for free and so on.

So, you can try explaining to those who are willing to understand and let them know what being a freelancer is.

–    Network (Referral is life)

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Earn more by networking

Another secret to earning more as a freelancer is networking. 

Meet new people, join freelance communities and forums, introduce yourself to fellow freelancers, and get into people’s dms.

Ensure you’re always posting constantly and you’re in peoples’ faces. That way, they can refer you to clients looking to hire freelancers.

Most clients like referrals. They trust a freelancer more if you were referred by another freelancer they have worked with.

So, network with freelancers around you. Let them know what you do and let them know you’re always open to new clients and jobs.

–    Learn high income skills

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Earn more by learning high income skills

This is a vital way to increase your income as a freelancer.

There are some skills that make more money than others. For freelance writers, statistics show that the average content writer earns anywhere from $10 to $80 per hour, with most making around $25/hour, and about $100 or more per project.

But for a high income and niche specific skill like tech writing, writers make an average of about $70,000 per year.

If you want to earn more, learn more.

While B2B writers make even more, which is an average of $450 – $1000 per 800/2000 words.

So, it all boils down to learning high income skills.

If you want to earn more, learn more.

–    Upsell your skills to clients

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Earn more by upselling your skills

You already work for this client and they enjoy your service, then you noticed they have a need and it is something you’re also skilled at. 

Instead of hiring someone else to do the job for the client, you can offer to do it alongside the work you are already doing for the client.

This is a great way to earn more because your client has worked with you and they trust your skills.

So, instead of looking for the best fit for the new position, hiring you to fill the position will be an advantage to your client (and you).

This is something I did for one of my clients.

I worked with the client as an African history writer and researcher.

But then I noticed whenever I sent in the blog post to the client’s email, I never see it on their website.

So I reached out and asked why they haven’t been putting up the blog posts.

Then he told me his web manager was busy and he didn’t have the time to manage the blog. 

Interestingly, web management is something that comes easy to me apart from writing. 

I love the process of publishing a post on a website’s blog, changing the fonts and sizes, and designing the paragraphs with images. 

So I told him it was something I could do. I showed him my website and told him I had designed it myself.

He was impressed so he offered to hire my services.

And that was how I got a new job alongside the one I was already doing. 

I managed the website and also wrote blog posts for the website.

Which is something you can also do.

 Is there a service your client needs? 

Pitch your skills to them and get paid to render both services.

The client might also like this idea if you give them a kind of discount (give discounts if you like).

This will benefit both you and the client.

–   Increase your rate

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Earn more by increasing your rate

When we (the co-founder and I) finally launch FRECONG in february, we look forward to holding lots of sessions on how to help freelancers earn more money by increasing their rates.

Especially if you come from a third world country like Nigeria, you are bound to do a lot of work for very little pay. 

Which is a terrible mindset to have as a freelancer.

You need to learn to increase your rate when you realise you are adding value to a client but you’re not getting paid as much as you deserve.

You deserve to be paid well.

So when should you increase your rate? 


Whenever you feel like it. It could also be after you have learnt a new skill or upgraded your skills.

You don’t need to feel bad about increasing your rate or feel bad about demanding more money. 

You are solving a problem for your clients and they need you as much as you need to be paid.

 So no matter how little you think it is, you are making an impact and you deserve a great reward for that.

–   Learn to say No (Don’t seem desperate)

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Earn more by learning to say No

Another important way to earn more money is by knowing the client that fits your budget and not going for anything less.

The fear of not having any work to do might cause freelancers to settle for low-paying clients sometimes but learning to say no will change a lot of things.

I have learned through twitter and linkedin communities to develop a thick skin for late-paying, non-paying, and low-paying clients.

Kirsten Lamb on Twitter

Which you can do by having a contract ready before you start working, or by collecting 50% or 75% upfront and also charging for late payment.

Telling a client you cannot work with them because their pay is low, positions you as a freelancer who knows what they’re doing.

It gives you power over your business.

I remember someone reached out to me to edit their book and merely looking through the book, I knew it would be a hassle to edit. 

So, I mentioned the price I believe my service was worth (which could even be a penny to some freelancers).

But the person couldn’t afford it.

I didn’t try to reach out or negotiate a lower rate like I used to do before, because I knew if I did, I would suffer for it in the end.

The edit would stress me a lot and I will not be getting paid well for it. 

This will cost me time, money, and energy and I could not play with those three.

So I let the client go.

Work will always come

Don’t be desperate with a client. 

Name your price and if they negotiate a fair price, you can accept it. 

But if you don’t think the price will work, walk away.

Clients can smell desperacy in freelancers which can be used against you, but if they see that you’re strict, professional, and not desperate, they will respect you for what you do.

Another thing that causes freelancers to accept low-paying clients is the fear of not getting another client. 

It’s been more than a year since I started freelancing and I can assure you, work will always come.

Do not worry.

–   Take charge of your freelance business

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Earn more by taking charge

A freelancer I really respect in the writing industry said something to me when I complained to her about clients who refused to pay or paid later than we agreed.

She told me to take charge of my business.

Take charge

It is my business and I should run it the way I want not the way the client wants.

She advised me to call the shots in my business and this has helped me greatly.

So I am saying it back to you. Call the shots in your business. Take charge of your business. 

Don’t be bullied to work overtime, earn little, or work for free.

Take charge.

If there’s one thing you should take away from this article you just read, it will be to become an authority at what you do.

 Upgrade your skills frequently and leave no room for complaints from your clients.

If there’s another thing you should know, it will be to reach out to people, make friends with other freelancers, and post on your social media page often.

You never know where your next job will come from. 

Have any tips of your own? Write a comment below.


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