June 2022 in Review: How 6 Months of Consistency can Change your Life

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You know how they say if you want to learn a new skill and make money, give it 6 months and see how much you’d achieve?

Well, I also heard about that. I took up the challenge and here I am.

Excited! Achieving!! Fulfilling!!

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6 months achievements

At the beginning of 2022 (January), I decided to go on this journey of consistency.

I decided to damn the consequences and start a lot of new things. 

There was so much to learn and unlearn, but I didn’t give up.

If you have followed up some of my monthly review, you will know how much I struggled at first (I’m still struggling with some things) but it has gotten better.

The results I’ve gotten over the past 6 months have shown me that truly, consistency works.

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Here are some of the areas I was consistent:

  • My blog

You know by now that this blog is very precious to me. I have spent so many months working harder than I have worked in the last few years. 

I was able to niche down and make the blog a productivity blog.

I was able to get many of my posts to rank organically and some on the very first page of Google SERP.

I have been able to get better at designing my blog and give it a pretty aesthetic.

  • My prayer life

If you have read my prayer series blog post, you will know how consistent I’ve been with my prayer life and how I’ve been able to help people through my experience to have a better prayer life.

The good news is it gets better.

  • Sarah Olaleye’s Brand

Being consistent with my brand means showing up on social media everyday, interacting and networking, getting writing and content creation gigs.

It’s not been easy but I’ve consistently done this for the past 6 months and I’ve not only been rewarded with a long term gig, I have also launched several streams of income with my brand (and I hope to launch more(winks))

What I’ve learned in 6 months

Do you also want to take a leap? It’s July 2022 in a few hours.

Do you also want to start something new and get results by December? 

Here are lessons I’ve learned that you should take note of:

  1. Results don’t come immediately when you start. 

You might get tired, frustrated, and unenthusiastic when you first start…

What do you plan to do? Start a blog? Learn a skill? Start freelancing?

Whatever it is, the result will not come immediately.

Consistency is what makes the difference. If you keep it up, results are well on the way.

  1. It will be the longest 6 months of your life

Learning, starting something new, and doing anything at all will take an excruciating amount of your time. 

You will get tired of showing up everyday. There are days you will want to give up.

But you must not. You must keep going.

Yes, you can rest! But, no, you can’t stop!

  1. Don’t compare

When you start something new, you might find yourself comparing yourself to other people who are doing better than you.

But what you should know is that those people started before you and they started just like you. 

They had excruciating and painful days and it seemed like nothing was going well for them.

They felt what you’re now feeling and they’ve been working for many years.

So, before you compare your success and results, see the difference in your hard work and years of experience.

  1. No pressure

Whenever you feel yourself getting hard on yourself, remember this phrase I learned from my friend: “No pressure.” 

You don’t have to get results in exactly 6 months. But trust me, your situation would have gotten a lot better by then.

I can assure you.

Achievements in 6 months of consistency

In 6 months I have been able to:

  • Start a Youtube channel in 3 months with 59 subscribers.
  • Launch a digital store on my website, etsy, and selar. (Check the announcements for more♥️)
  • Ranked organically on my blog
  • Get productivity coaching clients through my published planning ebook
  • Start a mailing list
  • Increase followers and engagements on my social media accounts
  • Pray everyday
  • Get a long term paying gig as a freelancer

How can 6 months of consistency change your life?

Dear friend, it’s time to get to work on your goals and the dreams you’ve had for many years.

I will tell you the same statement I heard that changed my life.

“If you put in work on a particular thing/things for 6 months, you will see results in the 6th month”

This is a true saying and it worked for me. It can work for you too.

Take up this challenge and change your life.

Put in the work. Start the journey!

Stop regretting that you didn’t start earlier.

If you keep living in regrets, you will regret again next year that you didn’t start today.

Go ahead! Get it done!!

Important Announcement!!

The Avid Planner Digital Shop

I just launched a new digital product.

The Avid Planner Goal-getter weekly printable planner bundle

It is called the goal-getter weekly printable planner bundle.

It consists of 5-page printables and It is effective for goal setting and daily planning.

It contains an activity dump page.

– Monthly goal page

– Weekly planner page

– Daily planner page with reminders, notes, priority list, etc.

It has everything you need for an effective planning life.

I was able to create this weekly planner through all I’ve learned working with several clients as a productivity coach.

You can be sure this planner will make planning your day easy for you.

It is a downloadable and printable weekly planner that will help you plan your day, week, month, and year better.

You can get it on my website 

You can get it from my Etsy shop

If you’re a Nigerian, you can get it from Selar.

Interesting news in June

I celebrated my birthday!!

My birthday was on June 26 and it was the best (23rd) birthday celebration I’ve ever had.

I tried a lot of new things and celebrating myself has really helped me come into being an adult.

I will be posting a birthday vlog on my YouTube channel soon. You should check it out.

You can subscribe to my channel and turn on post notifications while you wait so you won’t miss the update: My Youtube channel

June Goals Reviewed

  • Launch my Digital Planner Store on Etsy, Selar, and on my website.

July Goals 

  • Write my first email list letter
  • Get more productivity coaching clients

My Favorite Blog Posts in June

It has been the best 6 months for me and it can be for you too.

Clearly, you can see these achievements were shared to get you to feel inspired to start working on your goals and plans.

This is the time to put in the work. I’m rooting for you!!

Happy New Month of July!!

Quick question

Have you ever worked on something for 6 months? What happened after 6 months? Kindly share with me in the comments section below.


  1. Lilian says:

    You are very correct about this coach, I can recall my experience on something I wasn’t too sure of and I got scared of doing because of so much discouragement, and for months of trying and working on it, I can say it was worth it. Consistency brings result

    1. I’m glad to hear about your experience being consistent. Thank you so much for sharing. If you keep it up, you’ll definitely see more results.

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