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My name is Sara and I’m a book lover and sometimes ago, I discovered I was bibliophile. And not just your regular bibliophile, I particularly love inspiring, motivating and most important christian books and that’s majorly what we will be doing here. Cool right! It was the most wonderful discovery of my life. As much as I love reading anything and everything, I also love keeping and storing books, in fact I have over 2000+ eBooks and uncountable amounts of prints books and I hope to acquire more and more books. I particularly love popular and trending books, and because going to fictional worlds as been the most adventurous journeys of my life.

I have been reading all my life, since I can remember… I always loved reading anything and everything. I still remember how my eldest cousin would always complain and rant about how I read everything, when I was younger, because I read even bill boards… That always got on her nerves. But innocent me, I just wanted to read.
Because books my age were too short and I finished them really quickly, I started reading novels at a very tender age, my very first novel which is my all time best (the book I will love to have by me again someday) Diamond slipper by Jane feather. I loved it so much. One book I really, seriously, truly love is Chicken Soup For The Soul. I think it’s one of the most amazing books ever written.
I wanted to have a book blog to pour out my bookish desires, thoughts, rants, love and also to connect to someone who is so book obsessed like me;-);-):-) so…
My Fav authors are T.D jakes, Jack canfield, Karen Kingsbury, Francine rivers, Jane feather, Colleen hoover, Anna Todd, Windsor Chorlton, Harlan Coben and I love their books so much.
 My Fav genres are Christian Romance, romance (without the erotic), crime, thriller, dystopia, mystery, adventure and every other twisted-dive-in-and -never-come out -till-     the-book-finishes Fiction
And I love coffees and socks and beds and shelves… They are the best book read—with I Love?.
So welcome to the blog from my heart?
I would be posting reviews and other bookish thingys on all things inspirational and mostly christian fiction. And I’d make sure to post daily, or twice daily.
Connect with me:
Personal ig account: d_missylee
Blog ig account: Avid_inspri
Twitter account: d_missylee
Facebook account: Bimbo Olaleye
Facebook page: Avid Inspri
Have all the bookish funs with me…
So… What genres do you love best?
What author up there is your favorite?
Tell me about your book read—with.
Let’s talk about our bookish Love?


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