Book Review | Stretch marks by Kimberly Stuart

4/5 stars

I personally think this book is very hilarious and at the same time sentimental. You could also say in the pages of this book, a lot of sense was passed.

This is another Mother and Child type-a book.

The book that talks about how to mend a severed relationship between a mother and her child. And what better way to understand a mother than becoming one yourself.

Mia and her mother are two different people, they never see eye to eye on things. And her mother, Babs, does not really seem to care about Mia’s opinion.

Mia finds out she is pregnant for her live-in boyfriend who shares the same believe with her about not getting married, being vegetarian and a load of other things.

Babs comes to live with Mia adding to her list of nightmares and then the mother daughter saga ensues.

I love how lighthearted Babs is and how it seems that everyone else love Babs nature except her daughter.

This book will take you on an interesting journey, in every page there is humor and sometimes tears.

And the ending is just terrific. You need to pick up this book if you are in need of a mix of hearty, cheerful, sentimental and lovable.

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