Book Review | The Good stuff by Michelle Stimpson

Michelle o Michelle!! Thank you for this book.
Michelle did a great job writing The Good Stuff.

This book is highly recommended for married women who haven’t given up on their marriages and believe there is absolutely something they can do to revive it.

I always had this believe that there could get to a stage in a marriage that it becomes unfixable, especially when the other party is belligerent.

But in this book, you will see how young married women who have given up on their marriage meet older happily married women who came together to help them have happy homes again.

Sonia and Adrian have problems in their marriages, different problems which they tagged unsolvable. Their husbands are not helping matters too.

They are on the verge of leaving their marriages when reluctantly they joined Mrs Irma, Rose and Bev in reading a book about marriage, Proverbs 31 and praying together.

Things started changing, secrets were revealed and the women realized that something good could come out of their marriages after all.

One thing I really loved again is the Note from the author at the back of the book. I believe this book will change marriages for the best.

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