10 Best Things You Must Do When You Visit Seoul, South Korea

If you read my My Top Ten Travel Wish List for 2022 + one, you will know I’m a big lover of South Korea.

I believe South Korea is the home of beauty, fashion, elegance, passion, and home to the most popular tourist destination you’ve ever heard of. If you don’t believe me, check The Telegraph.

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If you love travel, tourism, beautiful places, and South Korea like I do, then this article is for you. If you’re also curious about Seoul, South Korea, then you will love this article as much as I loved it.

If you’ve been wondering what to do or places to go when you visit Seoul in South Korea or you’ve been curious about the beauty of the city, then you will definitely love this article.

I took my time to check out the most popular and interesting things to do in Seoul, South Korea and came up with the best 10.

So what are these 10 Best Things You Must Do When You Visit Seoul, South Korea?


Shop at Dongdaemun Market 

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Fashion lovers, accessories lovers, people who didn’t travel with enough clothing and even people who will love to add to their wares must visit Dongdaemun Market. 

Dongdaemun Market is Korea’s largest wholesale and retail shopping district featuring 26 shopping malls, 30,000 specialty shops and 50,000 manufacturers.

There is no clothing, accessories, gears, or products that can’t be found in this market.

You can find several shopping malls in Dongdaemun, ranging from the largest and expensive malls to the local and cheap malls. 


Visit Namsangol Hanok Village

Hanok Village

Have you ever wondered what it will feel like to live in the old/Joseon Korean times?

Goodnews!! You can do all that in the Namsangol Hanok Village in Seoul.

This village has five restored hanok (traditional Korean house) premises, a pavilion, traditional garden, performance art stage and a time capsule plaza, making it a perfect spot for both locals and tourists to take a leisure walk.

This place has all the ambience, activities and history of Korea’s Joseon era 

That is not all!

You can also participate in various events ranging from wearing hanbok (traditional korean clothing), folding hanji (traditional Korean paper), writing in Korean, traditional tea ceremony, traditional etiquette school and herbal medicine experience. There are also taekwondo demonstrations and other various performances held around the village. Visitors can also try traditional games such as yunnori (traditional board game), or understand more about the area through a guided tour. (Source)


Eat Korean Street Food

Seoul street food

If you watch a lot of Kdramas, you will know that Korean street food is the best.

Ever gotten curious about the taste and smell of well-cooked/fried Hotteok, Mandu, Tteokbokki, Gimbal, Sundae, Fish cakes and fish cake soup and an endless list of delicacies, then you must eat Korean Street Food when you visit.

To have a taste of these delicacies, ensure you visit Myeongdong Street Food Alley, Seoul Bamdokkaebi Night Market, Gwangjang Market and other street alleys and markets in Seoul to enjoy some of the best meals in Korea.


Experience the Korean Student Life

Student life

Ever wondered what it will be like to study in Korea? Or do you one day plan to study in Korea? Or you just want to know how it feels to be a student in Korea?

Then you must visit Seoul National University, Yonsei University, Kyung Hee University and several other universities in Seoul.

You will get to see the lifestyle of Korean students, and how they have fun when they are not studying.

The late night fun, partying, cafes, shopping, the beautiful buildings and architecture.

What a time to be a student!!


Visit Starfield Library

Starfield Library

If you’re a book lover planning to visit Seoul, this is a place you must visit.

Starfield Library has over 50,000 books in digital and physical formats.

You can read ebooks with a provided Ipad and also read physical books of different languages and genres in this place.

Starfield Library is located in one of the complexes in Coex mall, Seoul.

This beautiful and vast library is free to everyone to come in and soak themselves in the world of books.

So many other bookish activities also take place in this place apart from book reading.

It is the dream place for book lovers.


Enjoy live performances at Hongik University

Hongdae, Seoul

There is so much to do at Hongik University (Hongdae), and one of the most interesting is watching live performances.

If you’ve ever wondered how it feels to clap, move slowly, or dance to live performances with a group of people while enjoying songs, dance, poems, drama, and art performances, this is the time to make that dream come true.

Ensure you check out for the love performances at Hongik University.


Feel the beauty of nature at Bukhansan National Park

Bukhansan National Park

Nature lovers with love for hiking, flowers, trees, and nature activities should visit this place.

The Bukhansan National Park is notable for being listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for having 5 million visitors per year.

This tourist attraction is also easily accessible to everyone.

It is known as one of the best places to learn ecology, culture, and history. (Source)


Learn Korean history at The National Folk Museum of Korea

National folk museum, Seoul

Curious about Korean History and lifestyle? 

The National Folk Museum of Korea (국립민속박물관) is a great place to learn about the history of the Korean people, see artifacts, and learn about their lifestyle and lifecycle.

The museum is located inside Gyeongbokgung Palace, it presents historical artifacts that were used in the daily lives of Korean people in the past. Through the displays, visitors can learn about the domestic and agricultural lifestyles, as well as Korea’s cultural beliefs.

The National Folk Museum of Korea has three permanent exhibitions and two special exhibitions as well as a library, souvenir shop, and other subsidiary facilities. (Sources)

How can you visit Seoul and not learn about Korean history? This is your opportunity. Go for it!


See Changdeokgung Palace’s Secret Gardens

Changdeokgung Palace, Seoul

The name of these gardens makes you curious. Satisfy your curiosity anytime you visit Changdeokgung Palace in Seoul by visiting the Secret Gardens — It is the highlight of the Changdeokgung Palace.

It has stories of the Joseon era and the Korean Royal family in its walls.

There are several parts of the palace to visit and so much to learn. 

The palace is filled with historical stories so prepare yourself to learn and flourish in unforgettable history.


Go to the Prestigious Banpo Bridge

Banpo bridge, Seoul

The Banpo Bridge is one of the most common places in Seoul. It is also another Guinness Book of World Records awardee which is recognized as the world’s longest bridge fountain.

Located on the Han River, the bridge is known to connect the districts of Yongsan and Seocho. (Source)

It is a popular bridge that Kdrama lovers will recognize and easily remember at first sight.

It will be a beautiful adventure to see it physically.  

One of the most popular attractions at Banpo Hangang Park is the spectacular Banpo Bridge Moonlight Fountain Show during night time with 380 rainbow-coloured jets shooting from both sides of Banpo bridge, creating a total 1.14km stretch of water brilliantly illuminated by 200 colour lights for a fantastic show. (Source)

Besides the moonlight fountain show, there are other fun activities and attractions that can be done at the park too.

Seoul, South Korea is the home of fun, liveliness, joy, and memories.

Apart from being an avid lover of Korean dramas, I find South Korea beautiful, adventurous, and awe-inspiring and it is the top on my list of places to go.

If you plan to go there anytime soon, do visit these places and share your adventures with me. If you have also been to any of these places on your visit to South Korea as a tourist or while living in Seoul as a an immigrant, kindly share your experiences with me.

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