How To Get Work Done

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“How do I get myself to do this work?” is one of the many questions several people ask on a daily basis.

You probably have a pile of work in front of you with several deadlines that you need to get done but you just can’t seem to start.

It can sometimes get overwhelming and you’ll find yourself googling stuffs on procrastination, productivity, getting work done, etc.

It has happened to the best of us. So I will be sharing important and non-negotiable tips on how to get to work.

Whether it’s that business project you have abandoned for years or an assignment from your boss or professor you need to start working on soon, you can get it done with these tips below:

Have a Focus

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Have a focus

One of the reasons why people don’t get things done is the inability to focus on one thing at a time.

 If you try to do a lot of things at once (even if you’re the best multitasker), you will never get perfect results on everything unlike when you focus on one thing and put all your mind and energy into it.

If you have something you need to do and you find it hard to do, you’re probably doing some other things that have shifted your focus from that one thing.

It doesn’t matter what the other things are… movies, books, sleep, etc.

You have to shift your focus from these things in order to get to work. 

But first, you must make what you have to do your focus.

Set a Priority

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Set a Priority

Setting a priority is as important as having a focus. 

If you really need to get things done, then you must be ready to put other things aside.

If it’s important enough, you will do it.

So, set your priority. Decide what goes first and what goes last. Stay disciplined to your priority and do it before anything else.

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Say No to Procrastination

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Say no to Procrastination

Procrastination is the thief of time like we are always told and it is still important till date.

After setting your priority, you are expected to get to work on that important thing you have to do but procrastination is that voice that tells you, you can always do it later.

It is that voice that says “there’s still enough time.” 

But is this true? 

There will never be enough time. Rather, time is always on the move.

You will never get work done if you think there will always be time. 

It might not be obvious, but time goes by really fast when you are not paying attention.

So get to work.

There is no time.

Set Goals and Deadlines

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Set Goals and Deadlines

To get work done, you must set goals.

Goals are those little bells whose rings remind us that we are falling behind on what we have to do. 

They are great ways to get to work even if you don’t feel like it because you know you have to achieve them.

So, set goals and ensure your goals have a deadline.

This deadline will keep you focused on achieving the goal because you know if you don’t start working, very soon the time will elapse.

If you need help with setting goals, you can download this free planning and goal setting guide or reach out to me for a more specific goal setting guide.

You can get work done but you have to allow yourself to get it done.

No article or motivational speech can make you do what you don’t want to do.

So, if it’s important to you, you will always find a way to leave everything else to get it done.


  • Shift your focus on what you want to get done.
  • Set your priorities to know what is important to do right now and what you can do later (or never :))
  • There is no time, so get to work now.
  • Set goals and have a deadline attached to it.

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