10 Powerful Tips to Writing Better in 2022

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It’s 2022 and more than before, writing has become one of the most sought after skills.

Bloggers, business owners, startups, SaaS companies and several other organizations now employ writers as a part of their organization because they have come to understand the importance of content and storytelling in their businesses and blogs.

It is refreshing.

I remember when I first decided to be a writer. It started as a hobby for me and a go-to whenever I wanted to vent to a non-human and overtime it became a part of me and a profession I wanted to pursue.

But at the the time, writing was highly looked down on. Several people saw writers as jobless bums.

So, it’s refreshing to see how much things have changed for the better.

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You’re probably like me or you have a different story. It could also be that you’re just starting out in the writing world.

Whatever your story may be, this article will be a great read for you.

In this article, I will be sharing 10 powerful and non-negotiable tips to writing better in 2022.

These tips will encompass what is expected of you as a writer, how to write more, how to write better, how to hone your skills, and how to be unique in your writing. They are tips that have helped me become a better writer and I’m glad to share.

1-  The first step is to write 

I always had this fear whenever I am about to start writing anything. The fear will cause me to stare at the blank screen for hours without putting anything down because I didn’t know how to start and I was afraid to write the wrong words. 

Eventually, I overcame by this simple tip: Start Writing.

Whether you know what to write or not, write.

You can start by writing the title of your content, an outline, and the introduction.

Even if what you’re about to write is not making any sense, still write. When you take that first step of writing, you will find it easier to keep writing.

I also read somewhere that if you’re having writer’s block, you can try writing out a similar article or an article by your favorite writer. It will help you get in the writing flow.

Now, this is not the article you will use for your content but just a form of exercise for your brain and mind.

So, you can erase it later and start writing yours.

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2-  Be unique 

One thing I’m so confident about is that you can never check anything I write and see it plagiarized.

I have always been keen on writing something new even at the time plagiarism wasn’t a thing.

Whenever I send out works to clients or put up blog posts, I never have a cause to check for plagiarism and whenever I do my work always comes out clean.

Being unique will distinguish you from others. Yes, you can get ideas from other people’s works but do not duplicate their ideas.

Apart from plagiarism, being unique also has to do with writing something that cannot be found elsewhere.

There are so many content on the internet today that if you search for one thing, you can get over 29 million results on it. So, how do you write about the same topic and give your reader a new perspective?

By being unique.

I learned something recently that to be unique in your writing, you should check out an article with similar topic to yours and write out the points made by the author and make sure to never write what the author wrote.

It’s a great tip.

So, try and be unique when presenting your perspective about something. It will set you apart and keep your readers coming.

It is possible to be unique because we all have different opinions and insights about the same issues. Use that to your advantage.

3-  Tell a story

 To write better, incorporate storytelling into your writing. Storytelling helps your reader absorb information in an easier way.

It entertains your reader while also informing them. So, when you write, add a little story about yourself, a friend, or your pet.

Anything that best fit your content.

4-   Read a lot and be opened to learning

How can you confidently call yourself a writer when you don’t read?

Reading expands your vocabulary, your ideas, and your content.

When you read, you get more content stored up in your brain that will automatically flow out when you’re about to write.

Reading should not and is not limited to books. Read articles and blog posts. Read content that are similar to the kind of content you write.

Watch YouTube videos, listen to podcasts, read newsletters, and even tweets and social media posts.

You never know where your next writing idea will come from. If you are a lover of learning or a curious person, writing will be more easier for you.

So even if you’re not the “reading type,” force yourself to read or find other means to read because it is the most important tip to being a great writer.

5-  Write what a kid can read

I’ve met several people who think writing big grammars (and words that are hard to understand unless you check the dictionary) makes you a great writer.

But this is not true.

Write as simple as you can. Write something easy to read and easy to understand. Because, the key to writing well is simplicity.

It will communicate your intention to your readers or audience effectively.

It will also help your readers to easily understand what you’re writing.

Write something so simple even a kid can read and understand.

6-  Create an outline

If you want to write well, inculcate the habit of creating an outline. Before you write, create an outline of what you want to write. Creating an outline completes almost 60% of your writing.

It also helps you to write faster and clearer words. 

 I wrote more about creating an outline in this post.

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7-  Always improve your writing style 

Whenever you read a blog you like or you stumble upon a content you love, learn from it.

Try an incorporate something from that blog into your blog. You can learn the tone, voice, or writing style of the author but also ensure you don’t plagiarize their content or duplicate their content.

Stay unique and original but also learn from others.

8-  Don’t let that idea go 

 If you own a blog or you’re a story writer, blog or writing ideas will always pop into your head. 

It happens to me all the time so I have a book I write down these ideas. I also use my phone notepad if there’s no book and pen nearby. Sometimes, I open google docs and write, especially if the idea will be my next blog post.

Ensure to write it down immediately so you can use it later or start working on it. If you don’t write it down, you might eventually forget it and this can be quite painful.

9-  Reduce these words when writing

You want to write better, reduce words like very, words that end with -ly (possibly, really, incredibly), unnecessary thats and hads, words that can be reduced to a shorter sentence, fluffy and passive sentences, and words that just don’t seem write for your sentence.

This is why you should never let the place of editing and reviewing your content before posting or sending it out be lost in your writing process.

Remember your first draft will always have errors. So, check it again and again. If possible, rewrite it again before posting it out there.

Double-check the punctuation marks, the numberings, the headings, the spacings, and even the facts and statistics you wrote.

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10-  Write always

The secret to being a great writer is writing.

You know what they say that “Practice makes Perfect.” Exactly!!

The more you write, the better you get.

The more you write, the less scared you will be about writing.

The more you write, the better you will get at grammar and sentence structure, editing, and proofreading.

Try to write everyday if possible. If it’s not a blog post or a client’s content, it could be a social media short post, a journal in your diary, a twitter thread, a story, or a writeup for a friend.

Whatever you do, ensure you’re always writing.

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