How to Get Organized in 5 Simple Steps

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Are you a busy person who lacks adequate time to organize things around the house or office? Do you wish you could be more organized but don’t have the time to devote to it? Are you tired of seeing a jumbled-up wardrobe, a cluttered workspace, or are your clothes lying around the house in a mess?

Are you sometimes ashamed to invite people into your home because you don’t want them to judge you by how your home looks? Yes or Yes?

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This is why you are not organized

Most times, when we struggle with disorganization, it isn’t because we are disorganized or unclean people.

If you are a disorganized person who will like to go from disorganized to organized, then this is for you.

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A tidy, organized, and an orderly person can have a disorganized space because of the following reasons:

  • Lack of sufficient time
  • Too much stuff
  • Less storage space
  • Crowded mental space
  • A disorderly roommate or family member

Looking at these reasons, you can tell that some of these reasons are genuine reasons why an organized person can have a disorganized space.

  • Lack of sufficient time

You are probably always busy with other important things in your life that you barely have time to put your clothes back in place after frantically searching for what to wear and rushing off to work or to finish a deadline. 

When you are still struggling to balance the amount of time you have devoted to work, rest, and other parts of your life, it will be harder to find time to clean your space or set things in order.

  • Too much stuff

Just like I wrote in the declutter post, if you have too much stuff, it will be harder to have an organized home or space. 

Your work desk will always look scattered and untidy if your files, stationeries, and documents reside on your desk without separate space for them. If you have too many clothes, your wardrobe will always look disorganized. And it will take more than arranging to make them neat.

  • Less storage space

It is important to have a storage space that fits the capacity of items you have. If you don’t have adequate space or a properly arranged space for your stuff, your space will always look disorganized.

  • Crowded mental space

Most times we don’t notice we are falling apart until we can no longer notice our surrounding is falling apart. When your thoughts are crowded and you have a lot going on in your head, this might affect your space and your surroundings. You will not notice how disorderly your room looks or what needs to be fixed because you are stuck in your head.

  • A disorderly roommate or family member

It can be painful and annoying when you live with a disorganized roommate or family member, whose disorderly and disorganized lifestyle makes your home untidy no matter how much you try.

Now that we have seen the reasons why an organized person might have an untidy space, let us see how to get organized even when you are going through some of the phases listed above:

How to Get Organized in 5 Simple Steps

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Get organized in 5 simple steps
  1. Understand why you are disorganized

You must understand why this is happening. If you don’t know the problem, you won’t know what solution to find. So, find the problem.

If you have always been struggling with disorganization and disorderliness, then this is the post for you. 

But if you have always been organized and you don’t know why your space is always disorganized, check out the above-listed reasons.

  1. Get help

If you are disorganized because you don’t have sufficient time to arrange your space, then it’s time to get help. Hire a help, take your clothes to the laundromat, or ask your roommate or family member to help you clear your space. 

It’s okay to get help. Especially if you are the type who can’t function properly in a disorganized area, you should get help for yourself and your mental health.

  1. Get a functional storage space

There are several types of storage spaces you can get like cabinets for your files and documents, baskets, or laundry bags for your dirty clothes (you should not be mixing clean and dirty clothes together). Get the right kind of storage space for each item you own. This helps you arrange your stuff neatly.

Interesting fact: If you keep dirty clothes in a place and you don’t intend to wash them immediately, put a bar of soap in the midst of the clothes to prevent them from smelling. When you take them out to wash later, they will smell fresh and clean. Source: Lifehack

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Get a functional storage space

If your storage space is functional but you are still struggling because of too much stuff, take out the things you don’t need and put them in the store. You can sell them at a garage sale, online sale, or donate them.

  1. Find rest

If you are currently going through a phase in your life where you don’t seem to be in the right mental space, get some rest. Don’t put pressure on yourself. It’s okay to get help as I stated in point two. Work on your mental health and find things that make you happy and free. If you barely have time for yourself, create it. Spend time listening to music, dancing, reading, meditating, and doing things that make you feel better and free.

An organized space will also help your mental health greatly, so if you can’t organize your space yourself, get someone to do it for you.

You can also do it yourself once in a while, because cleaning, clearing, and organizing an untidy place has a positive effect on the brain.

  1. Speak to your roommate/family member

If you have a roommate or family member who is always making your space look untidy, talk to them.

They might need help learning how to be organized. I wrote about how to discover what makes people disorganized here.

They might also have a lifestyle or habit different from yours that is causing the disorder. Try to understand them and help them see how their action is affecting your life.

Getting organized is a topic I am fascinated by and interested in.

I used to be a disorganized person until I learned organization for myself amidst the struggles.

This is why I can see organization, tidiness, orderliness, and neatness from different perspectives and why you can trust me to help you in your organization journey.

This post will help you greatly and I can assure you that if you not only read but also take the necessary steps, you won’t have an issue inviting friends over to your home and your boss will stop throwing side jabs at your disorganized work desk.

I hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

If you have a comment or two or a question on organization, ask me in the comments section. And if you need to have a more personal conversation about being organized or other aspects of your life, you can take my productivity coaching sessions! The first session is free! Schedule a call now!

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