Declutter; What it is, and Ways it can Improve your Life

woman wrapped with fabrics

Have you ever cleaned out an entire room or cleared a crowded space in your room?

Do you remember how good it felt to see that crowded, rough, and untidy place in all its clean glory?

That is Decluttering.

Declutter means to clean out a space, clear a crowded and jumbled up place, make a place tidy and neat, etc.

There is a feeling that comes with clutter, disorganization, untidiness, and dirty environments.

Apart from its obvious danger to our health; dirtiness, disorganization, and untidiness affects our daily life in more ways than we know.

This is why several people have learned the art of decluttering.

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You must also know that decluttering is not only about that crowded space in your home or that mess you made in the kitchen. Decluttering can also be the bunch of emails, chats, and text messages in your inbox you have not attended to.

Decluttering can also be the state of your mind where you have so many thoughts and your mind is filled up and overwhelmed with all the tasks you need to do.

Whatever it is that makes your mind, body, or life feel heavy, overwhelming, and disorganized might be a result of clutter.

woman wrapped with fabrics
Declutter- The state of a cluttered mind

The state of a cluttered mind

A cluttered mind is a mind full of chaos, confusion, noise, and activities.

Your mind is always on overdrive. It is unstable and sometimes you don’t know what to do or how to silence your many thoughts.

This is why you need to declutter.

What causes clutter

A cluttered mind is not necessarily caused only by the clutter of the mind, sometimes our minds are cluttered because of our surroundings and also because of our daily habits and activities.

A person who lives in a disorganized and cluttered environment will not be able to think freely or live freely.

It is the psychological effect of too much stuff or clutter.

This is why when you live or work in a disorganized, clustered, or untidy place, you might find it had to think as well and as deeply as a person in an organized environment.

Decluttering is an important part of our lives and if we do not embrace it, we might find ourselves always wondering why we are not living life to the fullest or why we feel stuck.

Ways decluttering can improve your life

What are the ways decluttering can improve your life?

You will sleep better and deeper

Have you ever wondered why it’s so hard to fall asleep as an adult?

It is because you have so much on your mind. You have stressed and filled your brain with so much worry and thoughts that you can’t get yourself to sleep and even when you sleep, you don’t have sound sleep because your brain is still working.

Decluttering will help you clear your thoughts and sleep better.

And this kind of decluttering can be done by Journaling.

If you always have so many thoughts or so many tasks you don’t think you can achieve stuck in your mind, write them down.

When you write them down, you will realize they’re not so much and you will have enough mental strength to decipher which of them you need to get done and when.

When your mind is free of too many (unnecessary) thoughts, your brain will be calm and restful enough to sleep.

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You will build good habits

Decluttering helps you build good habits. 

Habits like organizing and tidying up your environment or habits like writing things down. 

You will also quit bad habits because decluttering helps you see ways by which you can free yourself of everything tying you down from being the best you can be.

You will have more time

When you declutter, you will realize you can do so much in a week, a day, or an hour.

Decluttering helps you see ways by which you can manage your time and not cramp your tasks and schedules in one place.

When you declutter, you allow yourself more time for important tasks.

Anyone who desires to live a happier, freer, and better life should desire to declutter.

It has helped me see the relief in living and working in an organized environment.

It has also helped me see how much stress we pút on our brain when we expect it to do the work a notepad and a pen can do.

If you want to live your best life, declutter.

How to declutter

  • Keep a Journal or cultivate the habit of writing things down
  • Reduce your stuff/ properties to only the things you need
  • Clear your work area before you start working
  •  Clear out your inbox (emails, text, and chat)
  • Clean out that space in your home you have overlooked for a long time
  • Return things back to their rightful position after using them

What other area of your life can you declutter and how do you get rid of clutter? Share with me in the comment. I will like to hear from you!

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