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     Composing Amelia, is a journey through the introduction of mental illness into a young marriage and the resulting havoc that can be wreaked by the disease.

A young Los Angeles marriage is put to the test and two careers are threatened when Amelia’s husband Marcus is hired as a pastor at a remote Nebraska church. The move results in resentment and sparks the onset of mental illness in Amelia. Can Amelia’s faith stand up to the oppression in her mind and the dysfunction in her relationship with her workaholic pastor husband? Will Marcus recognize the mistakes he’s made in time to make things right or will the darkness in Amelia’s head push her off the edge before Marcus can be the husband he’s meant to be? And how can God use such broken people to turn around the lives of the small flock of believers to whom He’s led them?


My Review



Alison strobel did a great job with this book, this book reaches the core of your inner strength, it makes you question your mental health and it also voluminously speak about depression, causes and how it can be treated.
Young couples, Amelia and Marcus had to make a decision, which will demand a compromise from either of them. Marcus wants to pastor a church in a small Nebraska town, Amelia wants to play piano in big city LA.
This stirs strife, unbelief and dwindling love in the lovable couples. Which later result to a conclusion by their friends that Marcus should go for his pastoral job, while Amelia stays in the city and then after some months, they will both come together to decide who has it easier and who should move to where.
It seemed like a good decision, but when Marcus left and Amelia stayed back to play, Amelia became depressed.
At that point, I just wanted Marcus to come and take her with him, because she didn’t even know she was depressed. She thought she was just not happy.
I loved how the story line went and how the couples loved each other even when it got hard, and how they trusted each other when love failed.
I also loved how Amelia got her salvation back, it wasn’t forced or mythical. She had the full blown beautiful salvation experience.
This book touched inside of me, and I have never looked depression the same again since I read it. I also never mixed up the part of mental health doctors and God in healing a depressed patient.
A must read for the depressed, the friends of the depressed, the family of the depressed, and every one else.

5 stars ratings.

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