Book Review: The Sweetgum Knit Lit Society by Beth Pattillo




About Book 

Sometimes life has to unravel before you can knit it together…

On the third Friday of each month, Eugenie, Ruth, Esther, Merry, and Camille meet at the Sweetgum Christian Church to enjoy the two things that connect them: a love of knitting and a passion for books. Their camaraderie remains unthreatened until Eugenie, the town librarian, introduces an angry teenager into their midst. Eugenie also gives them a new reading list: the classic novels of girlhood that young Hannah has never read. Little Women. Pollyanna. Heidi. Books that remind the women of the hopes and dreams they have lost along the way.

With each click of their needles, the ladies of the Knit Lit Society unravel their secrets: A shadow from Eugenie’s past haunts the controlled order of her life. Merry’s perfect little family is growing again–but will she continue to feel her identity slip away? Camille dreams of leaving town but is bound by ties of love. And the sisters, Ruth and Esther, must confront a lie they have lived with for over thirty years.

As Hannah is reluctantly stitched into their lives, the women discover the possibility that even in sleepy Sweetgum, Tennessee, they can still be the heroines of their own stories.


My Review 


     When I first started reading this book, it was almost hard figuring out each other women and their stories. Try fitting 5 different women with different stories into your head at once. So, kudos to the author for a brilliant book.
This book brings together 5 women who come together on the third Friday of every month to review the book that was chosen for the month and present their knitted work, which should be inspired by the monthly read.
As a book lover, this book was one I especially enjoyed. Every book read were always reviewed in a personal way that reflected on the life of each othe women.
The leader of the group Eugene, introduces a new member, a young girl with wierd looks and attitudes and especially known as the daughter of the town slut.

I loved how being in the group helped the girl become a better person.
Also how the characters with their different imperfections and defects reached a common agreement and how it made them better people.
This book promotes community and the strength of togetherness. And it also brings to mind that so much can happen in a small town.

4/5 stars

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