February 2022 in Review: A Test of Faith, Wins and Losses, an Announcement.

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This is the second time I’m doing a review of my month. Check the first one here.

And I must say it’s not so bad but it’s a little difficult to do.

It’s like summarising your month (which is an incredibly long story) and hoping people enjoy the short summary you write.

But I won’t be focusing on that. I will be focusing on how my struggles and wins will help someone have a better month and be encouraged. If you also find it relatable, that will be the highlight of my day. I would love to hear your story too in the comments.

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The month of February was a particularly challenging month for me as a freelancer, an entrepreneur, and as a person generally.

I entered into the month with so much gusto and expectations because of how my January went.

 I was expecting February to go even better but I was met with a rude shock!

A Test of Faith!

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Test of faith Pexels.com

One of the first things that shook me in February was my faith being tested. 

God had told me so much and promised me a lot for February and this year, so I wasn’t expecting anything short.

But February came as a rude shock and I was wondering if God really spoke to me.

I was wondering if God remembered everything he had promised me and I kept disturbing him in prayers.

There were times I felt so low and when I’d go and pray, I’d just be complaining to God that I didn’t like how things were, and then He would tell me to keep waiting on Him. 

He would tell me to trust Him.

February was a huge test of my faith; but even when I had given up on anything good happening or when I felt tired and frustrated, God still showed me that He is trustworthy.

I still haven’t gotten everything or half of what I want, but I have stronger faith and that makes me happy and fulfilled.

My Wins

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Wins!! Pexels.com

I am starting with my wins first because I heard somewhere that showing gratitude makes you happy.

In February, my wins are not in terms of material things but more of things that cannot be seen:

1/ A Consistent Lifestyle

So many people have this mindset that people who set resolutions and goals eventually get tired and stop working on them by the end of the first month or the second month.

Well, I had my share of challenges but I didn’t stop.

God helped me to maintain a consistent prayer life as I planned at the beginning of this year even in the midst of various obstacles and trials.

I also consistently posted on my blog 12/12 (this being the 12th) throughout the month of February. 

It wasn’t easy honestly but I’m glad I’ve been consistent and I celebrate my consistency.

Consistency is something I have battled with all my life and being able to remain consistent at this point of my life shows me that I have grown a lot both mentally and physically.

I also wrote a blog post on tips that helped me achieve consistency here.

2/ Realising who My Friend is and How much I’m Valued

I’m usually that person that leaves everything to be there for their friend and this month while I went through some issues I didn’t have anyone to care for me as I wanted.

People I tried to talk to didn’t even pay attention to what I had to say so I felt neglected and I decided to shut everyone out.

But then I couldn’t take it anymore and I needed someone to talk to, so I reached a friend that I had not even bothered to tell what was going on with me and this my friend came all the way from their place (which is very far from my place) just to see me, speak with me, and be there for me.

It really warmed my heart and made me realize I had a friend I wanted to keep for a long time.

These were the two highlights of my February wins and I’m grateful for them.

My Losses

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Losses/struggles Pexels.com

I wouldn’t say losses, really, I think it’s more of struggles.

I had the worst month in business this month because there was no light (electricity) for a large part of this month where I stay in Lagos, Nigeria (West Africa).

This terribly affected my business and that wasn’t all.

I had clients who wouldn’t pay me for my services and messed up my whole work process.

Imagine not having enough electricity to get a lot of work done and going out of your way (i.e) spending your personal money to work in a place with stable light, and then the client doesn’t even pay or they pay ‘some.’

I had clients who said they aren’t paying me in full because ‘they are going to give me more work in the future’ and I shouldn’t worry, while another sent a ‘lol’ when I reminded them of the late payment clause in the contract.

This post is not a rant just a highlight of what we freelancers go through in the course of our job.

I had a friend who faced the same issues with their client and it makes me wonder what clients really want.

Do they want insulting and rude freelancers who will ruin any budding relationship just to get paid or do they want naive freelancers who will beg and plead before they’re paid for their services?

This is one of the many struggles of a freelancer amidst the joys of being a freelancer.

I hope things get better.


An image of me doing an intro for my YouTube channel

After much thinking, I have decided to take a big step (yeah! It’s a big step for me).

I’ve decided to start a YouTube channel


So, look forward to my channel.

Interestingly, I already have videos recorded. I just need time to edit them and put them up.

I’m excited! Can you tell?

This is the link to the channel:

Sarah Olaleye’s YouTube Channel

You can subscribe while you wait. It will put a smile on my face. God knows I really need those!

February Goals Reviewed

In February:

  • I upgraded my skills and learned new things about what I do.
  • I did a little rebranding on my website. You can see The Avid Planner page added to the menu. 
  • I prayed even more.
  • I worked on eating breakfast and I will say I scored a 7/10. I was intentional about it this time. 
  • I drank a lot of water too and I could see the effect on my clear skin and I rarely had a stomach ache in February.
  • I also cut down on my eating. I realized I was developing health issues because I was overeating, so I decided to eat less and I also learned to stop eating after I’m full. It has helped me a lot.
  • I wrote a niche on finance and I’m glad I did. I feel there’s really nothing I can’t write about. 

March Goals

  • Launch my YouTube Channel
  • Talk more about my career as a Productivity Coach and Consultant.

My Favorite Blog Posts in February

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Favorite blog posts | February Pexels.com

Out of the 12 blog posts I made in the month of February, these are my favorites:

Debunking 7 Myths of Freelancing

My Blogging Journey: What I’ve Learned Blogging for 5 years

10 Best Things You Must Do When You Visit Seoul, South Korea

What Happened When I Prayed in Tongues for 6 Hours

What is Ghostwriting? Who is a Ghostwriter? How much should you charge?

Ensure you check them out. I enjoyed writing them.

I look forward to a better March. One thing I choose to hold onto is Hope and Faith.

The bible says (paraphrased) “If our hope is in earthly, material, and in things that can be seen, then we are of all men hopeless. But, if our hope is in heavenly things or things that cannot be seen, then we have a greater reward).”

Have a wonderful month in March!!


  1. Thank you Sarah

    This is beautiful

    Your story is enough motivation for me to keep pushing.

    It’s such an amazing write-up

    Keep it up girl!!!

    You’re going places

    1. Thank you so much best friend for always encouraging me and showing up for me. I would probably have given up on this blog if not for your constant push, comments, and support. Everyone needs a friend like you. Thank you for always ♥️

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