Book Review | Betsy’s Return by Wanda E. Brunstetter

4/5 stars

Betsy Nelson, a young lady who had lived a deplorable life in the past while she lived with her father in the small town she grew up, had to return back home to take care of her father whose health is failing.

Betsy, now a changed person determined to live for others more than herself has to go through the heartache of watching someone else take her father’s place as the new town pastor.

She already resolves in her heart not to like the person who will be taking her father’s place, but its so hard when he is such a good man and she seems to be getting attracted to him.

William is also not cut out for any other thing other than serving the lord, even though almost all the women in the church has paired him with their daughters. The pain in his heart will not allow him think of any other woman.

Well until he met the former pastor’s daughter.

This book shares the sorrows of the protagonists with the readers and how somehow they all came to find comfort in the little things and learnt to accept the love they don’t think they deserve.

This book was a quick and happy read for me. Even when it got to the really sad point, somehow my mind was already made up, I knew it will happen and the author did a great job of making that scene less sad.

I loved reading this book.

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