5 Powerful Benefits of Writing Things Down

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Writing things down is a habit you must infuse into your mindset and practice daily. It will save you a lot of worries and mind boggling stress.

There are times you feel a certain heaviness in your mind.

It happens especially when you have a lot to do but you haven’t started doing them.

At that moment everything seems overwhelming and you wish you knew where to start from and what to do next.

This is the right time to write things down.

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In 1996, a study was done among two groups of students.

One group wrote down while the teacher dictated while the other didn’t.

At the end of the note taking, there was a test among both groups and their retention was tested.

The aftermath is that the group that took down notes was able to remember most of what they wrote down while the others couldn’t.

Writing things down has been an age long tradition that stemmed from jotting down with ink and feathers to writing on slates (according to different countries).

Generally, in today’s age we now have the advent of the computer and smartphones but interestingly, these duo has not been able to eradicate the use of pen and paper in writing things down.

Now you ask, “Why should I write things down?” “How does writing things down help me or what do I stand to benefit from writing things down?”

In this article, I will give you 5 powerful benefits of writing things down that will change your mindset completely.

Writing things down helps you organize your mind

Writing things down is one of the easiest ways to clear your mind and organize your thoughts.

I know this because it has saved me a lot of times. 

There are times I have a lot on my mind to do but I don’t know where to start or which to do first. At this time, my mind is in shambles and I’m sad from confusion.

During this time, I mostly lie around doing unimportant things like seeing a movie when I should be writing a blog post or trying to fall asleep when I should be doing some chores.

The first thing that gets me out of this rut is writing down. I pick my pen and notepad or I use my phone notepad and then I start writing down everything in my head.

The interesting part is when I’m done, I feel a huge relief wash over me and I also realize what I have to do and most times, there’s not much work to do.

So, if you feel your mind all jumbled up, it’s time to write everything you’re feeling and thinking down. 

Writing things down gives you clarity

Some people believe they can fully understand what they have to do and get it done without writing it down but how true is this?

A lot of people have lost focus on their goals because they didn’t have a place to look for the inspiration to continue or a reminder of what they have to do.

To get clarity on your goals or to get clarity on anything at all, write it down.

You will realize after you have written down that there were some things you didn’t comprehend that were now making sense. 

You will also begin to put together the pieces of the puzzle in your mind because now you have brought your thoughts to life by putting it down (whether on your phone or notebook).

If you’re unclear about anything and you can’t seem to process it in your mind, write it down and you’ll be surprised by how clear it will get.

Writing things down helps you make the right decision

Just like in point 2; if you get confused about something or you need clarity on it, writing it down can give you all the clarity you need.

It’s like someone trying to make a decision on why they should get a car.

They are probably not sure if they need a car or not, so what they do is write down why they should get a car and why they should not.

And if the reason to get a car is more than the reason to not, they know they should get a car.

If they had not written it down, they wouldn’t have realized how important it was to get a car.

This can also apply to other aspects of life too.

If you’re having trouble making the right decision, try writing down reasons you should do it and reasons you shouldn’t, you might get the answer you need.

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Writing things down helps you remember

One reason I love writing down is because it helps me remember. 

I have noticed whenever I write things down because I don’t want to forget, I end up remembering without checking my notes later.

There are also times our minds are too preoccupied, and at the slightest instance, we forget an important idea or task. During this time, write things down.

Your mind should not get too crowded and busy because you want to use just your mind as a storage unit. 

Make use of an outside source like your pen and paper, phone notepad, or computer.

I’ve heard people complain that they are forgetful and while they blame it on age or a dysfunctional brain, it is most likely that they have been stressing their brain unnecessarily.

When you choose to write things down instead of keeping them all in your brain, you give your brain more strength and power to function for important things.

But if you keep compounding your brain, you might find out you get headaches easily or you forget easily.

Instead of getting worried about an impending sickness, write down things you don’t want to forget and leave your brain to remember them naturally without stress or force.

Writing things down aids self-analysis and retrospection

Have you ever written down your day or a day in your life in your journal or in a random book and read it some years later?

Do you remember how great it felt to go back to that day and reminisce about the joys and sorrows of that day?

Do you remember how great it felt to clearly remember all that happened that day and to go back to that memory without a glitch?

That is how it feels when you write things down.

Writing things down helps you analyze your day, an action, or a memory.

And when you read what you have written after some days, weeks, months, or years, you will realize how much you have grown and how much things have changed for you.

This is why it is important to keep a journal. 

Keeping a journal has been proven to help destress, reduce overwhelm, and settle mind conflicts.

If you love reminiscing on your past and enjoying good memories, try writing down a wonderful memory you had while you still remember vividly.

You will be glad you did many years after when you read it again or when your children find your old journal lurking around the house.


Some of the greatest people in the world are people who fulfilled their goals by writing things down.

There are so many things you will not get done if you don’t cultivate the habit of writing down.

If you’re confused and overwhelmed, write things down

If you’re wondering what to do next, write things down

If you don’t know the first step to take in achieving your goals, write things down

If you need clarity on your life and priorities, write things down

Writing things down will clear your mind and help you focus on the most important thing one at a time.

Try it today!

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