April 2022 in Review: The Reward of Consistency


I hope you enjoy this review. It is a review of how much consistency has paid off for me in the last 5 months (since December 2021). Don’t just read, also take one or two lessons from this article for yourself.

Last year, I became intentional about many aspects of my life. I gave in to productivity, consistency, and discipline.

I realized there was so much I wouldn’t be able to achieve, dreams I wouldn’t bring to fruition, and talents I’d end up wasting if I didn’t take charge of my life.

I always knew consistency was the key to a lot of things but I didn’t know how long it would take and how much it would change me.

Fast forward to 5 months later, it’s been a wild ride of productivity, consistency, and intentionality and I’m glad I took this journey.

 Consistency has always been a big deal for me. It was something I struggled with the most. It seemed like a path I couldn’t cross and a road filled with snakes and vipers but I’m doing it and I’m doing it well.

I’m not only doing this, but I’m also helping other people build consistency and live productive lives.

It’s not something you see every day. Lol.

The Reward of Consistency

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I have come to realize consistency is not a systematic thing or a periodic thing, it is consistent action. It is a habit and there’s no end to it.

I am glad I chose to be consistent because consistency has brought me:

  • A life of discipline
  • A mind full of focus and clarity
  • A prayer life
  • A life of checking done on more goals than ever before
  • A brand
  • Several blog posts on the first page of Google
  • Recognition from people I look up to
  • A life of getting things done
  • More execution of ideas than just having ideas.

It’s been a great journey of consistency and I’m not stopping anytime soon.

At the beginning of this year when things started to change for me, it felt like I wasn’t going to keep up with the consistency by the next day but here I am after 4 months.

If you’ve ever doubted yourself then I am the best person to tell you this because I doubted myself more than anybody ever did.

I didn’t trust myself or my capabilities because I had disappointed myself several times by being inconsistent and indisciplined.

But, here I am achieving my goals and doing things I’d consider great. 

I’m fulfilling my goals and getting my skills and talents known by the world.

It’s a great achievement. And I’m just starting.

If you have ever doubted yourself, here is a reason to stop doubting and keep working on yourself. Keep putting yourself out there. Keep believing in yourself.

Start your journey to consistency. Even if it’s just one thing you’re consistent at, it will surely pay off.

April Goals Reviewed

  • Getting a great freelance opportunity. I look forward to getting a rewarding freelance gig in April.

DONE. Goal Achieved.

If you have ever doubted yourself, here is a reason to stop doubting and keep working on yourself. Keep putting yourself out there. Keep believing in yourself.

Sarah Olaleye – Productivity Coach (Avidinspire.com/)

May goals

  • My goal for May is to niche down (theavidinspire.com/) my blog and be more focused on productivity blog posts and my productivity coaching. Watch out for that.
  • I also look forward to doing a lot of new things in the digital space. I’m planning something new and great. I don’t want to tell you what it is yet. But I will update this page when I do make it happen. 

May is a blessed month.

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Hello May, Pexels.com

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