My Top 10 Favorite Travel Blogs in 2022

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For a long time I wanted to become a travel writer.

I would say to myself; “I want to become a travel writer. I want to travel around the world while writing.”

At that time, remote jobs were not a thing, so I had it in mind to visit countries of the world and write about my trips and journeys.

Well, that fire has not died. Instead, it has gotten better. 

Becoming a freelance writer made that dream come true for me. I can still travel around the world while writing. I don’t have to stay in a place or go to a traditional job.

Remote jobs have also made things easier for me and others who love this life.

Travel writing has always been an adventure and passion for me. It is showing people the beauty I see in the world through my words and I love checking out other people with this similar passion of mine.

Which is why I will be writing about my top 10 favorite travel blogs in 2022

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The Most Beautiful Places In The World

If you’re a travel lover and you would like to read more travel stories from different people then you should check them out.

If you’ve read any of my travel articles, especially My Top Ten Travel Wish List for 2022 + one, you would notice that I linked some of these blogs in my posts. 

My Top 10 Favorite Travel Blogs in 2022 

Travel Lens 

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Travel Lens is a one-stop travel publication dedicated to featuring detailed, comprehensive reviews of worldwide destinations, best hotels, and restaurants. Whether you’re the ultimate explorer in search of stunning places to visit or you just like to get away every now and then, we’ve got all the information you need to plan the perfect trip. (Source)

They also have articles on the best things to do and where to stay while traveling.

Pick Your Trail 

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Photo by S Migaj on

Pickyourtrail is India’s leading online travel company that delivers tailor-made international holidays. Pickyourtrail aims to change the customer experience so they can explore destinations at their own pace with completely customized tour packages. Our unique matching algorithm and price comparison engine ensures that travellers build their itinerary completely suited to their tastes and at the best online prices. Pickyourtrail’s intelligent platform helps save time and effort, without having to wait for a travel agent’s quote, yet letting you have the fun of planning your own trip! (Source).

You can check out hot selling vacation destinations from their blog to learn more about some of your favorite countries.


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Photo by Alex Azabache on

Expatolife is your travel guide for planning a perfect trip. If you’re looking to go on a trip without facing any challenges. They are your best bet. 

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Photo by Jeremy Bishop on

ViaTravelers’s  blog gives readers the feel of strolling and walking through the best cities in the world.

They have posts like traveling hacks, how to build a travel website, why traveling is important, and more…

…While on our honeymoon we realized most sites focused on budget travelers, major cities or luxury seekers- these topics were all fantastic but lacked that real feet-on-the-ground itinerary so intrinsic to traveling abroad.


Travel Waka 

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Lagos by Emmanuel Ikwuegbu on

Travel Waka Your home of travel, tourist and adventure. It features lifestyle, foods, culture etc (Source)

Travel Waka is not only focused on international, popular, and most visited countries but also on the adventures and beautiful places in African countries.

I love going to their blog to discover new places in Lagos, Nigeria, and its environs.

Adventurous Kate 

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Female solo travel on

Adventurous Kate is a travel blog for independent women. She writes solo female travel guides.

Kate helps women with guides to traveling the world safely. 

Her blog is focused on women and destination inspo!! 

Bucketlistly Travel Blog 

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Photo by Eric Sanman on

Pete of Bucketlistly Travel Blog is a Thailand based blogger who has been traveling for over 9 years. 

He creates travel guides and backpacking itineraries about Thailand and New Zealand.

Lili’s Travel Plans 

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Photo of Tanzania by Blue Ox Studio on

Lili is an adventurous and unique soul with a unique travel blog.

Unlike other travel blogs, you will find stories of the people she met during her journey, the misadventures, fun and sad stories of her travels and how she came to live and stay in Tanzania on her blog.

It’s a breath of fresh air.

We Seek Travel 

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Photo by Abhishek Gaurav on

We Seek Travel provides the most helpful travel guides and backpacking adventures for readers for free while creating the next adventurous stories about the cities of the world.

Girl Eat World  

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Photo by S Migaj on

Melissa of Girl Eat World writes about her food and travel adventures as she visits several cities and countries of the world. She also posts beautiful pictures on her instagram

GirlEatWorld has been featured on Vogue, huff post, buzzfeed, and several other travel websites.

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