How to Go From Disorganized to Organized

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Are you a disorganized person? Are you that person everyone dreads living with because you are too messy and your corner of the room is always in disarray? 

Well, you found this article and you are in the right place. 

You might have found a couple of articles on the internet about how to become an organized person in one day or in one month, but take it from me, it doesn’t work that way.

Chances are these articles are from organized people and they might find it hard to relate with a disorganized person.

This post will benefit you greatly because it is coming from someone who has lived a disorganized life but finally found ways to reform her life.

Throughout my university days, I always had roommates who could not handle living with me because everything about me was disorganized.

I shared interesting stories on organized vs disorganized here.

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This article will help you figure out how to change from being a disorganized person to an organized person and trust me, it’s not a walk in the park.

But before we go into how you can change, I would like to share with you some things you need to know because I believe understanding yourself and who you are, helps you know how to become a better person.

While on the journey to figuring out why I was so disorganized, I figured out some other things I had never thought of and they are:

 Types of disorganized people and what makes people disorganized.

By carefully reading about them, you can figure out which category you belong to and how this can help you become organized.

Note: These are the names I coined out myself from studying the different types of disorganized people. So, you might not find it elsewhere.

Types of Disorganized People

Organized but Lazy type

This type of person would be considered a neat freak if they were not lazy. They love neat and organized places but are too lazy to get up and make it neat and organized.

So, most times, after a long time (on a whim) they would get up and start cleaning everywhere. Sometimes, at odd hours.

I know a lot about this disorganized type because that is my disorganized type. I love neat places and I derive joy and peace from making a place clean but it takes a lot to get me to start working.

But, one thing I have noticed about this disorganized type is that they get better with age. As they mature and grow, they realize no one is coming to save them or help them become neat, so they stand up and get things done (in this case, arranged).

I don’t care type

This type of disorganized person does not care about their surroundings. 

Unlike organized people, they can’t see a dirty and disorganized place, everywhere looks the same to them.

They can sit anywhere or live anywhere. It doesn’t matter to them.

This kind of person needs to live with people who will call them out on their lifestyle. They need to be shown what disorganized is. They need to be helped.

Clutter type

This type of person is not naturally disorganized. They just have too much stuff.

There is a certain level to having too much stuff that no matter how you try to organize your home or room, it ends up looking disorganized.

The solution to this disorganized type is decluttering.

Ignorance disorganized type

This type of person wish they could be more organized but they don’t know how. They probably grew up in homes where organization was not a thing and everyone lived shabbily.

If this type of person ends up living with an organized and neat person, they will be seen as disorganized and dirty.

This type of person needs to be taught how to be organized. They need to see that it pays to be organized rather than disorganized.

The change effect type

I also have this disorganized type, so I relate to it a lot. This type of person is easily affected by change.

 They are people whose pattern of doing things can be affected when they move from one place to another, or when they make a life changing move. E.g When they quit their jobs or when they get married. 

This type of person already has a pattern of living that works for them but if anything disrupts their routine, the organized part of their brain becomes distorted and they become disorganized.

But, one thing about this disorganized type is that it is temporary. With time, the person gets back to their organized routine.

Now that you know your disorganized type, the next step is working on yourself and making a change. 

Also, note that this change is done by taking life one step at a time. If you push yourself too hard, you might end up going back to being disorganized.

Remember, you didn’t become disorganized in a day, week, or month, so you won’t become organized all at once but by taking each process one step at a time.

How to Go From Disorganized to Organized

Put everything back in its place immediately

Take it from a reformed disorganized friend, doing this has helped me greatly.

When you take your towel, ensure you return it back to its rack. When you take your shoes, return it back to its rack.

You are mostly disorganized because you never return the stuff you took back to its place. It will eventually pile up and everywhere will look untidy.

So, ensure you return anything you take back to its place.

This also goes for laundry. Wash your clothes after wearing them (if they’re dirty).

If you keep storing them up, they will eventually become so much that it will get harder to wash them. I am also still a work in progress when it comes to clothes. But it is definitely doable.

Seek help 

Especially if you are in the “I don’t care or the Ignorance disorganized category” and you are tired of people calling you dirty or disorganized, the best thing to do is to seek help from people who are neat and are willing to help. 

Ask them how they keep their place so neat. Ask them how they arrange their wardrobe. Ask them how they fold their clothes. Ask them questions and let them show you what to do.


Recently, I took a look at a corner of my room that has been giving me a headache for the past few months and I got to work on it.

I hated seeing that part of the room. 

It was always disorganized and I had tried to organize it.

 Everyone else in the house had also tried but it always ended up disorganized.

It was driving me crazy so I did the next best thing. 

I looked through the pile of books and random stuff and began to pick out the things I actually use out of the pile and interestingly, only 10 books and about 6 pens made it out.

Then I took the remaining stuff and packed them to the store.

Today, I feel happy and free… and more organized.

So, maybe the only solution to your disorganized life might be to reduce your stuff.

Be sincere with yourself, how much stuff do you use out of your numerous stuff?

When you can decode this and get to work on that crowded area of your room or office, you will realize you feel lighter and happier. 

Because studies show that there is a relationship between your brain, your mental health, and an organized area.

A clean and organized area helps you focus, think properly, and live freely.

Lay your bed

I know you’ve probably heard this a lot but take it from me.

Lay your bed as soon as you get up in the morning and for the rest of the day, you will feel a sense of accomplishment.

Getting other tasks done will not seem like a hard thing to do because you have completed the first task.

Another advantage of laying your bed is that when you come back to your bed after a tired day you will be relieved that you don’t have to go through the stress of laying your bed.

Write things down

Disorganization is not only about arranging your room and looking neat and presentable.

Sometimes, it can be about your work schedule. Most disorganized people have messy work tables and they often forget that they have meetings or deadlines.

So, adapt the culture of writing things down.

You can read more about writing things down here.

Instead of constantly forgetting that there are important things you need to get done, write them down and set reminders.

This will help you know what you need to do next and how important it is to get them done.

Don’t beat yourself up

If you’re a disorganized person, there’s every tendency you’re constantly been told you’re disorganized and messy.

And this makes you feel bad about yourself or it has caused you to accept that this is who you are and you cannot change.

You believe you’re disorganized and you are tired of trying to be who you’re not…

This is not true.

You can be whatever you want to be, which means you can be organized.

All you need to do is take it one step at a time. Don’t beat yourself up when you find yourself being untidy, rather, get to work and straighten up the place.

If you find yourself lagging behind or missing meetings and deadlines, get a good reminder or alarm system (Read Things You Never Knew Your Phone Alarm System Could Do) and get to work on it.

The more you work on yourself, the better you get.

You can also read Unpopular Opinion #1 Organized / Disorganized to know more about accepting yourself and becoming a better person.

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You can become organized.

I am still working on myself because it’s not a one day change or a one month change, rather it’s a gradual change and if it’s what you want, you can get it done.

Do you need more personal help or an accountability partner to help you go from disorganized to organized? Look no further. I can help you!

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