I Visited Four States in Nigeria in One Month, and Here is How I Did It

I visited four states in Nigeria

I visited four states in Nigeria in One month, and I plan to do it again!

In September 2022, I decided to start my travel journey. Traveling out of the country was out of it at the time because I was not mentally or financially ready for that. 

So, I decided to travel within my state. While I was planning for this trip, I realized there were many untapped and unsung gems and attractions in these states. Many people were not talking about these places, and no one was going except for a few people. 

states in nigeria to visit

I know this because many of these attractions had few visitors when I got there, especially because it wasn’t during the holiday period. 

Also, there was not much buzz about them online; I was excited to see my country in a new light and learn new things about it. 

What I thought about the states in general

states in nigeria and my thoughts

I think Nigeria is very beautiful. I am a lover of nature, and I swear I swooned and gaped at the landscape and natural abundance in the states I have visited more than a million times. 

There were a lot of unused lands that the state could use for tourism, and I really wish we were doing something about it. I wish we had zip lines, abseils, bungee jumping facilities, and so on because we have the landscape for it. 

How my experience changed me

Traveling alone really affected me positively. It made me feel like I could do anything in the world. Visiting four states in Nigeria was a huge feat for me.

Especially when I climbed to the 7th step of the Olumirin waterfall at Erin Ijesha, Osun State, one of my greatest expeditions yet. I felt so powerful inside. 

It took a lot to do it. I had to be brave. I could have turned back like everyone else. I saw reviews online that there was no need to do it, but I was curious. I was determined. I decided I wanted to see all of the mountains and surroundings. And I did. It meant the whole world to me for real. 

And I know I want to do it again and again. 

The places I visited.

In Osun State, I visited the Sacred Grove, Erin Ijesha Olumirin Waterfall, Nike Arts, Nike Guest House, Osun Mall, and Ile Ife National Museum. I wrote all about it here

In Ondo, I visited Owo and had a beach visit fail—I wanted to visit Araromi Beach, but I couldn’t because it was too far, and I realized transportation to the beach was beyond my budget. I visited the almighty Idanre Hills.

In Ekiti, I visited Arinta Waterfall, Ikogosi Warm Spring, and Fajuyi Memorial Park.

Planning to visit these states? Steal my itineraries for them to guide your trip. 

What stood out for me in this journey

What stood out for me on my trip was the similar way of life of everyone in the States. I sincerely wish I had visited the urban areas and villages rather than the cities because they were not very different from Lagos cities. 

The people, the busy roads, markets, stalls, and pharmacies were all looking classy.

I got lost a few times, too, while finding my way on the Olumirin Waterfall mountains and trying to get to my destination in Ondo. 

states in Nigeria I visited

What Next?

More exploration. I look forward to exploring more states in Nigeria. I also look forward to exploring African countries and other continents. 

Watch This Space!

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