Book Review: Black Sparkle Romance by Amara Nicole Okolo



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     Meet Mira Adure: an ambitious, creative twenty-something stuck working as PA to the ruthless editor of high fashion magazine Black Sparkle. Her work is tedious, but her love life is even worse – a string of disastrous dates is threatening to put Mira off men forever. And then she crashes her car into the flashy Mercedes of the gorgeous, tiger-eyed Dominic and the encounter leaves her fuming.

Mira’s luck begins to change when she is promoted to her dream job of assistant editor. But when Dominic turns up at Mira’s office a few days later, she is infuriated to discover he’s been hired as the photographer for her first edition in charge of Black Sparkle.

As they embark on a photo shoot by the swaying palms of Coconut Beach, Badagry, Mira and Dominic can’t stop arguing. Will it be too late before Mira realises that beneath the tension is smouldering desire? Sparks fly in this romance where the creative energy of two talented individuals fuels a heady mix of fear, passion and desire.


My Review 



Mira a PA to a strict editor of Black sparkle, a high fashion magazine meets Dominic the nephew of her boss just after she became the assistant editor of Black sparkle.
Coincidentally, it happened to be the guy she had met some weeks earlier and interestingly, it wasn’t a good meeting. It was one that left her infuriated. Now she is face to face with that man again and she also has to work with him.
This started a new journey in the lives of both dominic and mira, as they always have a thing or two to argue about. But before they knew it, they started realising their feelings for each other.
So, the twist of the story which is the most interesting, because every other thing I will tell you is just what you will find in most romantic stories.
There is someone lurking in the shadows, someone who is vehemently against dominic and mira’s relationship. Someone you wont expect, or if you have my kind of mind, someone you will suspect.
This character made the story more pulsating and their actions propelled me to race through the pages.
I really enjoyed the turn of the story, the description of the beach, I could feel the flap of my dress as the wind from the coconut beach reached me through the books. And it also had so many unexpected moments, like getting to know dominic had a secret or secrets he was keeping from mira.
But well, Love above all, right? Well, you have to read the book to know.
This is the second book I’m reading, that is published by Ankara press, though by different authors, but I’d say 5 stars to their romantic stories.
4.5/5 stars

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